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Paradise bays and clean sea
The most famous pearl of Sućuraj is the beach in the Perna bay with the turquoise sea, a large shallow and a sandy bottom. Mild climate with a large number of sunny hours, beautiful nature and crystal clear sea, with temperatures for swimming from May to October make Sućuraj is an attractive tourist destination. Anyone who wants to spend the day swimming and sunbathing will be very comfortable here, because there are a number of sandy, pebble or rocky beaches and bays at their disposal
Fortica fortress
It was built in 1613, after the Turks had burned and looted Sućuraj three times. During the Venetian-Turkish wars, Sućuraj was located on the triple border of three states: the Republic of Venice (which included the island of Hvar at the time), the Ottoman Empire (the Makarska coast) and the Republic of Dubrovnik (Pelješac peninsula). This fortress, built to protect the port and town, had cannons and a permanent military crew which made life much safer

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In Sućuraj, treat your palate to seafood delicacies and indigenous wines, and then enjoy the activities offered by this untouched flower of the Mediterranean

Try the grilled fish, octopus salad or shells prepared according to the Hvar recipe. You won’t go wrong in this fishing village with such a menu
Hvar olive oil is one of the most famous and of the highest quality in the world. Everything you eat in Sućuraj should be harmoniously complemented with local olive oil
The old footpaths, which mostly led to olive groves and vineyards, have become a cycling attraction in recent years. Enjoy the pristine nature while cycling along the trails
Sućuraj lives in synergy with the sea, so there is no better place for all water activities such as fishing, jet skiing or diving

Fishing tradition

The people of Sućuraj have always been known as excellent fishermen. There is a fleet of ten trawlers in the town, medium-sized fishing boats with deep trawl nets. This bag-shaped net is dragged by the ship along the seabed with the help of metal cables. The dragging lasts for several hours and it is called “kalada”. After that, with the help of a hydraulic winch, the net is lifted onto the ship. The catch is spread on the stern of the ship and sorted and stacked. This method of fishing is called trawling, and it is usually done from dawn to dusk. Sućuraj fishermen trawl the central and southern Adriatic, and their catch is sold in many Croatian cities and exported to neighboring countries

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Sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities are not the only advantages of Sućuraj. It is a destination of rich heritage awaiting to be discovered by you

01 St. George’s Parish Church
02 St. Anthony’s Church
03 Česminica beach
04 Bilina beach
05 Mlaska bay
06 St. Nicholas Statue on pumpurela

Rest your body and soul in the Mediterranean oasis, peace and quiet of the authentic Sućuraj. Get inspired by the beauty and enjoy top gastronomy, the flavours of which you will remember for the rest of your life

The length of the coastline in Sućuraj in kilometers


Hvar is the longest Croatian island, and Sućuraj is located right on its longest part, which reaches far south, close to the Makarska Riviera. Therefore, the coastline of Sućuraj is extremely long and totals slightly more than 25 kilometers


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Due to its micro-location, Sućuraj is an ideal starting point for one-day trips to surrounding destinations. Discover the authentic Dalmatia

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