Health tourism

Wellness is not the only option. Improve your health with gastronomy and natural benefits

Dalmatia, especially Split, are home to numerous luxury hotels and resorts that offer everything you need for relaxation and revitalization. Spa centers are equipped with saunas, massages, beauty treatments and gyms that make visitors feel better than ever. In addition, many hotels have swimming pools with sea water, which is an added wellness bonus.

However, wellness is not the only one. One of the key aspects of health is nutrition, and Mediterranean cuisine is known for its benefits for the body. Dalmatia abounds in restaurants and taverns that serve authentic local food prepared according to historical recipes. Fresh fish and seafood, olive oil, fruits and vegetables and wines from the best locations are the key ingredients for a balanced diet. In addition, do you know that the Dalmatian diet is protected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural asset and as such has been detected as one of the foundations of the longevity of Dalmatians?

Let’s not forget the Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, which provides ideal conditions for relaxation and physical activity throughout the year, such as yoga, meditation, fitness, walking or running.


What to visit?

Hotels and resorts with wellness offer
Explore the offer of hotels in Split and Dalmatia and ensure treatment in the best wellness, fitness and spa centers. Famous international hotel brands operate in Dalmatia, so everyone will find something for themselves.
The benefits of sea water
It is time to indulge along Dalmatian beaches and take the best of them. Sea water is proven to be healing. The sea contains all the elements important for our life – sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silicon, even silver and gold. Sea water penetrates deep into the skin and thus enables the action of minerals and trace elements. The sea also contains algae that are rich in mineral substances, stimulate cell renewal and strengthen immunity. Thanks to its composition, sea water relieves pain and reduces inflammation. That is why swimming in the sea brings relief to people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, back and muscle pain. And there is clean sea air, saturated with negative ions, which makes breathing easier and has a beneficial effect on people suffering from asthma.
Did you know that large parts of Dalmatia have more than 120 sunny days a year? Sunbathing brings not only a beautiful complexion, but also supplies us with vitamin D, which is extremely necessary for the body. To get vitamin D, you don’t have to sunbathe in the heat. Choose morning or evening hours for sunbathing.
Mediterranean diet
Fish, seafood, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables and a drop of top wine are synonymous for a healthy and complete diet that has a beneficial effect on the body. Dalmatia is the cradle of Mediterranean gastronomy. Explore the local culture and indulge in pleasure without the burden of harming your body. Discover why the local cuisine was even recognized by UNESCO.


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All year round

Preseason and postseason offer unique opportunities for tourists to experience a destination beyond the peak crowds.


Enjoy Central Dalmatia right before the heat of the Summer and miss the crowds. The preseason is the perfect time to visit Dalmatia. The early bird gets the worm!


The postseason in Central Dalmatia is by no means the end of the Summer. The temperature remains comfortable until November, perfect for extending your stay!

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