A tourist gem in the heart of the Makarska Riviera with the most beautiful beaches and facilities that make it a world hit destination


Discover everything Brela has to offer

Endless beaches and dense forest
Brela offers the wealth of a crystal-clear sea, kilometres of natural pebble beaches, the scent and beauty of a dense pine forest, which is mostly a protected natural heritage. There are also numerous hiking trails that intertwine from the promenade along the sea, through the old villages all the way to the very tops of the Biokovo mountain
Adrenaline sea activities
Brela is the centre of adrenaline and fun when it comes to marine activities. Here you can enjoy a submarine ride, fly over the sea at a height of 600 metres, enjoy a ride on a jet ski or embark on a diving adventure with professional assistance
Luxurious accommodation and infrastructure
Family holidays are what Brela is all about. Wide roads, lots of green parks, playgrounds and facilities for the whole family are a guarantee of a true vacation. In urban and infrastructural sense Brela was built as a true Mediterranean destination with numerous luxury hotels and restaurants

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Restaurateurs from Brela proudly point out the fact that they were the first on the Adriatic, in the late 1960s, to introduce sumptuous gala dinners of several courses, as well as cocktail shows, to local hotels

Blitvenjak is a traditional cake in Brela, made of Swiss chard. A cake out of Swiss chard? At first it might sound unusual, but it is a very tasty dish
Brudet is a typical Dalmatian dish. The basis of a good brudet is certainly fish, preferably several different types of darker fish. In combination with polenta and a glass of homemade red wine, it makes a tasty and healthy dish
Search for refreshment on the mount Biokovo, rising above Brela. Visit the iconic Skywalk at an altitude of 1200 metres and enjoy the best view in the world
Set sail from Brela towards the central Dalmatian islands and discover the hidden coves and beaches of Hvar, Brač, Šolta and Vis

Legend of the sunken City of Pelegrin

It is believed that the beautiful town of Pelegrin once stood in the bay of Vruja near Brela, until the day it mysteriously sank. There are quite a few stories related to this legend, but a more famous one says that every year, at exactly midnight on Christmas Day, a carriage with two white horses at full gallop appears in Vruja, carrying a princes and a prince. In order for the city to re-emerge, a brave hero needs to be there at that precise time and jump into the carriage to hand the rains back to the prince

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Sunbathing, swimming, and outdoor activities are not the only advantages of Brela. It is a destination of rich heritage just waiting to be discovered

01 Punta Rata beach
02 Podrače beach
03 Monk Seal Cave (Medvidina cave)
04 Vruja
05 Mountain Biokovo
06 A complex of Filipović houses
07 Napoleon’s Road

Brela are not only turquoise sea and impressive nature. This is an ideal world-renowned destination for a family vacation in top-quality accommodation with plenty of entertainment and gastronomic possibilities

Length of pebble beaches in metres


In Brela, enjoy kilometres and kilometres of natural pebble beaches, many of which are included in the world’s hit destinations


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Here are some suggestions on everything you need for a comfortable visit. Find activities to do and spend your time exactly as you prefer. If you need a place to stay, we prepared a handy list of hotels.

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Due to its micro-location, Brela is an ideal starting point for one-day trips to surrounding destinations. Discover the authentic Dalmatia

A world-renowned hit destination and the capital of the Mediterranean where antiquity and hedonism meet
A wonderous city under the UNESCO’s protection
A pirate town located at the mouth of the River Cetina, with narrow streets that will impress you
Makarska rivijera
Heavenly beaches and crystal-clear sea in hit destinations of Baška Voda, Brela and Makarska
An island with thousand wonders, best known for its beach Zlatni rat
An island of exceptionally rich history where the origins of Dalmatian and ancient culture were found
Authentic and untouched island, ideal for adventurers and those resisting commercial content
The island with the world’s most famous beach – Stiniva, but also the guardian of the Blue Cave on the islet Biševo
Walk the Game of Thrones paths and explore the ancient fortress Klis
The host of Sinjska Alka, a chivalric tournament with a 300-year-old tradition, and an ideal starting point for an excursion to the source of River Cetina
Take a walk along the Imotski field, taste the River Vrljika and feast your eyes on the Blue and Red Lake


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