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Magical beaches
Postira can boast of a great number of organized and accessible beaches that satisfy the most diverse wishes. In the town centre, on a lenght of about 3 kilometers, there are three pebble beaches and one sandy beach. The most famous is the sandy beauty of Lovrečina
Dalmatian ambience
Postira is one of the rare places where irregularities, contrasts, encounters of old and the new turn into harmony. The harmony of sound and silence, storm and romantic sunset, waves and gentle pebbles, hard work and song
Eco- ethno village Dol
At a short distance from Postira, there is a picturesque medieval village with around one hundred inhabitants. This oasis of peace and quiet is an unavoidable stop for many tourists, among them hiking and cycling enthusiasts, as Dol can be reached via well-maintained roads and trails from various directions. Traditional houses covered with stone slabs leave you breathless at the very entrance, alongside numerous caves made of grained hrapoćuša stone, that used to be human dwellings

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Postira is a place of unique combination of agriculture, fishing and maritime tradition together with culture

The story of Dol’s Hrapoćuša cake is a story about the preparation of a traditional dish from the island of Brač. Today, this cake from Dol is a protected dish unique for its rustic appearance. Its name was derived from the local stone “Hrapoćuša” which the cake irresistibly resembles
The preparation of the traditional Brač dish Vitalac, is one of the most significant gastronomic specialties of the island of Brač. This dish, made of lamb or goat offal, represents an active link to the time of the first contact between Greek civilization and the inhabitants of Brač
Set sail on a boat from Postira and discover hidden coves and beaches of the island of Brač or head along the turquoise maritime route towards the nearby islands of Hvar, Šolta and Vis
Vidova Gora is the highest peak, not only of Brač but of all Croatian islands. Take the path that connects the north and south of the island Brač with a total length of 21 kilometres. On this trail, there are numerous natural and cultural sights, from archaeological monuments and dry walls to viewpoints and protected natural features

The legend of the mythical creatures in the caves of Dol

If you’re on Brač inquire about the caves where mythical creatures, whose appearance is still a mystery to all, live. The inhabitants of Dol on Brač are aware of the mythical being hiding in the caves, referring to it as Viver. This being can only be “found” in Dol, and if you’re lucky you will hear its calls. “Witnesses” describe them as great dark shadows or birds that can only be seen at night

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Sunbathing, swimming, and outdoor activities are not the only advantages of Postira. It is a destination of rich heritage just waiting to be discovered.

01 Gabrova beach
02 Prja beach
03 Gažul
04 Trolokve

In Postira you will grow a fondness for the traditional Dalmatian way of life, blend with the locals and wish to return to this places that will pamper all your senses

Number of caves in the village Dol


The natural and cultural landscape of Dol is characterized by a phenomenon of natural, shallow caves. They rise above the valley on both sides and surround the village like a natural fortress. There are about thirty of them in Dol, so this village is also referred to as the Bethlehem of Brač. Caves are overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation while on its western slopes there is a layer of fertile soil on which olive trees have grown


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Due to its micro-location, Postira is an ideal starting point for one-day trips to surrounding destinations. Discover the authentic Dalmatia

A world-renowned hit destination and the capital of the Mediterranean where antiquity and hedonism meet
A wonderous city under the UNESCO’s protection
A pirate town located at the mouth of the River Cetina, with narrow streets that will impress you
Makarska rivijera
Heavenly beaches and crystal-clear sea in hit destinations of Baška Voda, Brela and Makarska
An island of exceptionally rich history where the origins of Dalmatian and ancient culture were found
Authentic and untouched island, ideal for adventurers and those resisting commercial content
The island with the world’s most famous beach – Stiniva, but also the guardian of the Blue Cave on the islet Biševo
Walk the Game of Thrones paths and explore the ancient fortress Klis
The host of Sinjska Alka, a chivalric tournament with a 300-year-old tradition, and an ideal starting point for an excursion to the source of River Cetina
Take a walk along the Imotski field, taste the River Vrljika and feast your eyes on the Blue and Red Lake


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