Dalmatian Klapa Festival

The Dalmatian klapa festival is a tradition longer than a half of a century that comes to life in the town of Omiš during the warm July nights with the sounds of the original klapa singing that was recognized and protected even by the UNESCO. Apart from Omiš, klapa performances are also held in other places in Dalmatia, for example Bol on Brač.




10.06. – 22.07.

The festival has become synonymous with the gathering of everyone who likes to listen to, create or nurture klapa music

During the four weeks of competitions throughout Dalmatia, the final evening in Omiš becomes the center of amateur a cappella singing, which attracts an increasing number of singers from all over the world every year. Men’s and women’s klapas compete for the prestigious award of the expert judging committee – the Golden Shield with the historical coat of arms of the town of Omiš, as well as the Golden Leut awarded to the klapas that win the most votes from the audience

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