Bodypainting weekend in Hvar

On June 8th and 9th, the first Croatian festival of body painting will be held in the island of Hvar, and the organizers say it will indeed be inspiring and enchanting. And most importantly, loads of fun for everyone involved – the artists, the models, and the audience. This festival, dedicated to World Ocean Day, aims to raise awareness about sea pollution and the harmful effects of microplastics on marine life.

Participants are encouraged to explore and express the profound beauty, importance, and challenges faced by our captivating oceans in meaningful body art. Artists may draw inspiration from the rich diversity of marine life, the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems, environmental conservation, or any aspect that reflects the essence of World Ocean Day.

The opening day, will be dedicated to an exciting contest with € 3.500 cash prizes.

The day later is reserved for a creative jam session in the amazing landscape of the island where artists will once again have a chance to showcase their talent.





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