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Trail info
Length9.35 km
Elevation57 m
Asphalt: 1.22 km
Macadam: 8.13 km
Bottom elevation2 m
Top elevation57 m
Start pointMilna
End pointMilna


A strategically exceptionally important defensive stronghold was built in 1806 at the westernmost point of the island of Brač (Cape Zaglav) as part of Napoleon’s fortification system in Dalmatia. The French battery with six canons and a fort had the objective of preventing the Imperial Russian army from landing on the island of Brač and entering its naval fleet through the straits of the Split Gates, from where they could easily attack the Central Dalmatian coast. A tour along this route, past the tower and walls with their battlements, the ammunition storage, batteries on the coast, accommodation facilities for the garrison and its officers, and the hidden supply road from the direction of Milna, gives us an insight into the military architecture from the period of the Napoleonic Wars in the eastern Adriatic (1806-1813). This coastal guard post offers a panoramic view of the neighbouring island of Šolta and the straits of the Split Gates.

  • Start 43º 19’ 30.112” N / 16º 26’ 58.877” E
    In the car park area next to the entrance to the ACI Marina Milna
  • 0.27 km follow the road and the Way of the Cross
  • 0.95 km turn right onto the gravel path (continue along the gravel path immediately on the left; don’t take the gravel path on the right 10 m after the crossroads)
  • 1.17 km continue straight on
  • 1.36 km continue straight on
  • 1.41 km continue straight on
  • 1.64 km turn left
  • 1.79 km turn right
  • 2.60 km turn right (there is another right turn 20 m beforehand; be careful not to turn here)
  • 4.10 km continue straight on
  • 4.54 km French fort (battery); from the fort, take the same way back to the crossroads
  • 7.40 km turn left
  • 7.56 km turn right
  • 7.77 km continue straight on
  • 7.91 km turn right
  • 8.99 km arrival at an asphalt road; after 50 m, take the road on the left
  • 9.35 km return to the starting point

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