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Trail info
Length22.38 km
Elevation438 m
Asphalt: 2.69 km
Macadam: 19.69 km
Bottom elevation4 m
Top elevation438 m
Start pointPučišća
End pointPučišća


This circular trail for the most part follows the 19th-century road and leads from the coastal village of Pučišća towards the south, and the villages of Pražnice and Gornji Humac in the island’s hinterland, which emerged during the Middle Ages. Pučišća is distinguished by its stonemasonry tradition, and has a stonemasonry school that has been active since 1909. It is one of three schools of its kind in Europe. Pučišća is also the location on the island of Brač with the largest number of defensive towers (as many as 13 have been recorded), which is why it is often called Luka Kula (the ‘Harbour of Fortresses’). The tower of the nobleman Ciprijan Žuvetić, dating back to 1467, at the end of today’s harbour, and the nearby tower of the Aquilla family from the late 15th century on the northern bank of the harbour, are particularly important.

  • Start 43º 20’ 54.661” N / 16º 43’ 57.662” E
    Aquilla Tower; start behind the tower on the right
  • 0.10 km Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Batak
  • 0.15 km turn left
  • 0.21 km take a sharp left uphill into Put Aloja Street
  • 0.45 km at the crossroads, continue straight uphill (follow the bike trail markings)
  • 0.93 km continue in a westward direction
  • 1.38 km at the crossroads, go left towards the pond; after 100 m, continue towards the south
  • 2.80 km turn left onto the asphalt
  • 3.24 km 50 m from the road, there is the church of St. George (Sveti Juraj) at Vela Bračuta
  • 3.51 km cross the road and continue straight ahead
  • 4.31 km turn left onto the gravel path
  • 4.67 km turn right
  • 4.74 km turn left
  • 4.82 km 50 m from the road (on the right-hand side), there is the Church of St. Domnius (Sveti Duje) in the Dubrova area
  • 5.57 km at the crossroads, continue straight on
  • 6.03 km at the crossroads, turn left onto the concrete
  • 6.30 km on the right-hand side, there is a prehistoric gomila cairn
  • 7.60 km at the pass, turn left towards the Church of St. Petrus (280 m away) and return the same way back to the pass
  • 8.16 km from the Church of St. Petrus, turn left
  • 8.26 km turn left
  • 9.10 km at the entrance to Pražnice, continue left along the asphalt 
  • 9.45 km at the square in Pražnice, next to All Saints Church, turn left
  • 9.60 km at the crossroads next to the school, turn left
  • 9.85 km at the crossroads behind the school, continue straight on
  • 9.96 km next to the bocce court, turn right onto the gravel path
  • 11.83 km at the crossroads, turn right towards Gornji Humac
  • 12.50 km continue straight on towards Gornji Humac
  • 13.01 km Church of St. George (Sveti Juraj) in Straževnik
  • 13.96 km arrival at an asphalt road; continue straight on
  • 14.16 km turn left
  • 14.41 km Parish Church of St. Nicholas in Gornji Humac; before the church, turn left
  • 14.37 km turn left
  • 14.88 km continue straight on
  • 15.09 km turn left
  • 15.72 km turn left at the fork in the road
  • 16.17 km turn left
  • 16.56 km after 50 m, on the left-hand side there is Glogovica Pond
  • 17.07 km turn right onto the trail that leads towards Gornji Humac (the circle around Gornji Humac closes here)
  • 17.60 km on the right, there is the turning towards the Church of St. Clement (260 m away); return to the road along the same path
  • 18.15 km after returning to the road, turn right from the church
  • 18.29 km go straight onto the trail
  • 21.64 km from the trail, continue along the gravel path, which immediately turns into an asphalt road
  • 21.93 km cross the road and arrive at Pučišća
  • 22.38 km Riva in Pučišća

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