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Trail info
Length4.90 km
Elevation22 m
Asphalt: 1.30 km
Macadam: 1.60 km
Bottom elevation1 m
Top elevation22 m
Start pointPostira
End pointLovrečina bay


Near the village of Postira, there is the cove of Lovrečina, a multi-layered archaeological site with architectural complexes dating back to Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. The eastern shore of the cove features remnants of a Roman maritime villa. In Late Antiquity, next to the Roman site a settlement emerged with an Early Christian church (6th-7th century), probably dedicated to St. Lawrence (Sveti Lovre), given the toponym Lovrečina. This is a single-nave building with a prominent semi-circular apse in the east, a transept (transverse aisle), a row of side rooms on the northern and southern sides of the central nave (the rectangular, elongated part of the church), and a narthex (the lobby area at the western end of the church) with semi-circular side apses. The northern central area alongside the nave served as a baptistery, which is indicated by the baptismal font in this part of the sacral complex. In recent times, its ciborium has been restored to its original appearance with fragments that were found next to the font during archaeological research. Lovrečina Cove is also the site of the remains of the early Romanesque Church of St. Stephen and the Benedictine monastery (11th century) to which the church belonged.

  • Start 43º 22’ 37.11” N / 16º 37’ 43.396” E
    Riva in Postira; at the start of the cobblestone street, go uphill towards the south 
  • 0.15 km continue straight on to the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist; return from the church the same way for 50 m
  • 0.30 km turn right into Balatura Street
  • 0.40 km turn right into Zastivonje Street and continue eastwards along the sea
  • 2.80 km turn 20 m to the Chapel of Our Lady of Gorma
  • 2.90 km turn right; continue eastwards along the sea
  • 4.55 km arrival at the beach in Lovrečina Cove; continue 50 m southwards to the ruins of the Early Christian Church of St. Lawrence (Sveti Lovre). Return the same way to the beach and continue to the right, eastwards along the beach
  • 4.90 km remnants of a Roman maritime villa

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