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Trail info
Length1.07 km
Elevation95 m
Asphalt: 0.65 km
Macadam: 0.35 km
Bottom elevation2 m
Top elevation95 m
Start pointSplitska
End pointRoman quarry (Rasohe)


A relief of the divine mythical hero Hercules carved into a cliff in the Rasohe quarry is a symbolic reminder of the principal activity on the island of Brač from ancient times up to the present: the tradition of extracting and working stone. Under the divine protection of Hercules, but also under the watchful eye of supervisors in the Roman legions and other units, the stonemasons of the period extracted stone blocks of the highly valued Brač limestone from the quarry. These were then used to build Diocletian’s Palace in Split and other grandiose buildings of the Empire. Traces of this exploitation, which required extraordinary strength, can still be found in the former imperial quarry, which is located in the area between the ancient harbour of Splitska, which was used for exporting stone, and the oldest settlement on Brač – Škripa.

  • Start 43º 22’ 32.909” N / 16º 36’ 21.506” E
    On the Riva in Splitska Street, go uphill to the south
  • 0.23 km turn right
  • 0.34 km leave the asphalt and continue along the trail
  • 0.49 km cross the road and continue along the trail
  • 1.07 km Roman quarry (Rasohe)

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