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Trail info
Length5.26 km
Elevation525 m
Asphalt: 2.58 km
Macadam: 2.68 km
Bottom elevation369 m
Top elevation525 m
Start pointImotski
End pointImotski


The Blue and Red Lakes (Modro i Crveno jezero) are located in the immediate vicinity of Imotski. These are karst phenomena of the Dalmatian Hinterland created after the collapse of vast underground caves. The Blue Lake is associated with tales of fairies and the famous legend of Hasanaginica, sung in the ballad of the same name (first written down in 1774, and one of the most translated folk ballads in the world). An integral part of this geomorphological monument is the Topana Fortress, which lies on the cliff above the Blue Lake. It was built on several levels, with layers from the 14th to 18th century still visible today, as well as several older layers that have been archaeologically preserved. The Red Lake, the deepest lake in Europe (a karst sinkhole deeper than 500 m, with a water level varying between 285 and 320 m) lies 1.5 km north-west of Imotski. The lake gets its name from the red-coloured, almost vertical cliffs surrounding it. A legend about the formation of the lake has it that the castle of a rich and arrogant man called Gavan collapsed and created an abyss as a punishment from God. The Blue and Red Lakes have been protected geomorphological monuments since 1964.

  • Start 43º 26’ 54.334” N / 17º 12’ 39.946” E
    Next to Imota Tourism Office, above the Blue Lake
  • 0.03 km Municipal building
  • 0.06 km turn left into Hasanaginičin Prolaz
  • 0.30 km turn left towards Tina Ujevića Square
  • 0.35 km Tina Ujevića Square; take the steps uphill
  • 0.41 km turn left (in the street, look for the old stone water outlet and a small stone house)
  • 0.45 km turn right
  • 0.54 km Topana fortress and Gospin Dolac stadium; return the same way
  • 0.83 km turn right
  • 1.16 km vantage point (optional descent to the Blue Lake)
  • 1.30 km return to the starting point, and then continue downhill
  • 1.35 km turn right down the path
  • 1.43 km arrival at the road
  • 1.51 km Hasanaginica themed park; return to the road
  • 1.70 km turn right up the gravel path
  • 2.30 km Dry Lake (vantage point on the right); return to the path
  • 2.65 km turn left onto the mountain trail
  • 2.85 km arrival at the Red Lake
  • 3.25 km optional easier route: go along the gravel path on the right, and follow the trail around the Red Lake
  • 3.40 km attention: difficult part of the trail
  • 3.70 km arrival at the main road; from here, turn left and go back 
  • 5.00 km turn left onto the path uphill
  • 5.26 km return to the starting point

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