Olive trails

Even if you are not a fan of olive oil, an opportunity to visit the olive groves of Central Dalmatia, participate in harvesting olives and oil production, represents an unforgettable and authentic experience.



The island of Brač is one of the symbols of olive growing in Croatia and it is estimated that there are around a million trees growing on it of which almost half are processed.

Olives and olive groves are an indispensable part of the Dalmatian landscape whilst the Olive routes of the island of Brač start in the villages of Mirca. The trail is circular, approximately 6 km long and introduces guests to the old irrigation system, the tradition of olive oil production, the varieties of olives growing on Brač and the values of olive oil in daily use.

An organised tour of forty olive growers located on the Olive routes is possible in the area of Central Dalmatia, with olive oil tasting and purchase as well as visiting the Olive Growing Museum in the village of Mirca.

The olive growers of the Split-Dalmatia County happily invite their guests to their olive groves, providing them with information about the history and present of olive growing in the County of Split and Dalmatia, the olive varieties, the characteristics of the olive oil as well as offering information about olive oil producers and olive processors.

Oil producers within their facilities organise tourist tours during which tourists can discover the olive growing of their region as well as of the particularities of olive oil itself or of the tinned olives that are also offered for sale.

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