Our Lady of Sinj route

Every year, on the eve of the Assumption, on the 15th of August, thousands of worshipers, from various regions, set off on a pilgrimage towards Sinj, to celebrate the greatest feast dedicated to Our Lady. The tradition of worshiping the Mother of God has been present in this region since time immemorial, and the story that the Mother of God defended the Croatian people in 1715 from a much stronger and more numerous Ottoman army set on ravaging Sinj, is especially revered. Recently, the 148-kilometer-long Our Lady of Sinj Route was built, along the route Solin – Sinj – Livno – Tomislavgrad – Rama. Now, pilgrims, on their spiritual path to the largest Marian shrine in southern Croatia, pass through idyllic forest roads, across bridges and alongside castles and old Roman forts remains



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