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As the saying goes, love goes through the stomach! Get to know the Dalmatian love story through the intoxicating tastes and aromas of the local cuisine with the traditional glass of wine

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One of the healthiest cuisines in the world, based on a light Mediterranean note. The savoury and sweet flavours will enchant your senses! Dive into the Gastro & Wine fairy tale of Central Dalmatia

Before it reaches your table, Dalmatian prosciutto is dried in the wind for up to two years! The old connoisseurs stick to this golden rule. Be sure not to bypass Vrgorac, one of the most famous places in Croatia when it comes to the production of prosciutto
Do you know how the cod fish, which normally lives in the northern seas, came to be in Dalmatia? Venetian captain Pietro Querini, after experiencing a shipwreck in Norway in the 15th century, became an “importer” of cod, introducing it to our cuisine. Today, holidays in Dalmatia are unthinkable without cod
Although there are many stories about the connection between Diocletian and Split, one of the legends claims that the Roman Emperor loved to plant vegetables, especially cabbage within the palace walls
Hvar Gregada is a simple, yet delicious fish dish that is great for lunch or dinner. It is one of the oldest fisherman’s dishes that used to be prepared from small white fish that was no good for any other way of cooking besides cooking it like this with vegetables
Brač lambs and goats have been famous since ancient times. A delicacy well known and appreciated to this day is “Vitalac” prepared from lamb offal skewered piece by piece on a thin skewer and wrapped in lamb intestines


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Agroturizam Kaštelanac (vinarija)
Duga gomila 7, D111 7
21432, Gornje Selo
Duga gomila 7, D111 7
21432, Gornje Selo
Konoba Gurma
Kaštelanska ul. 2
21210, Solin
Kaštelanska ul. 2
21210, Solin


There is nothing so enchanting as the aroma of oranges in your home. In Dalmatia, candied orange peel is a must-try traditional delicacy. Look for this dessert in the local shops and take a piece of Dalmatia home with you


Gastro activities in destination

Find out why so many fall in love with the gastro vibes of Central Dalmatia.

All about the olive
The culture of olives and olive oil is deeply rooted in everyday life on the island of Brač. Take a walk through the olive groves of the picturesque village of Mirca on Brač and find out firsthand about the varieties that thrive in this climate and about the process of preparing one of the best olive oils in the world
Kaštela – the ancestral home of Zinfandel
Take a tour of the Kaštela wineries and get to know the origins of the Californian wine variety, Zinfandel, brought to America in the 19th century. For a long time, the origin of Zinfandel was a mystery, but experts have recently established that this variety actually originates from Dalmatia and shares the same DNA with the variety called Crljenak from Kaštela
Imota Bike & Wine
Every year, Imotski hosts a sports and gastronomic event that includes cycling through fairy-tale green landscapes, with break points at the local wine makers for a taste. The most famous cycling event in Imotska Krajina attracts hundreds of nature and wine enthusiasts every year

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