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The time machine has not been invented yet, so we cannot use it to go back in time, but with our imagination, historical facts and archaeological sites, we can set off on a journey to ancient times and set foot on the roads that were used by soldiers of the Roman legions and passengers in this region centuries ago.

The Dalmatian area is rich in cultural heritage from different historical periods, and the deepest traces were left by the period of antiquity, especially Roman times, as is the case in the other parts of the Mediterranean. The construction of a modern road infrastructure has triggered numerous archaeological researches in this area, revealing a Roman road network, the starting point of which was in Salona, which is, along with Diocletian's Palace, one of the ancient jewels of this area.

The surviving remains of Roman roads scattered throughout the area of the Split hinterland attract many guests looking for a deeper insight into the historical heritage of the area, all while enjoying the accompanying activities, such as rafting, canoeing and a rich gastronomic panoply at the same time. They can now set out for the preserved remains of Roman roadways, which start from Salona, and find a variety of attractions all around them. For example, they can partake of the wonders of protected landscapes such as the Cetina canyon, Proložac Lake, Red and Blue Lake in Imotski, Vranjača cave, as well as the ruins of early Christian necropoles, Roman camps, religious buildings and numerous fortifications.

Here are the road routes leading from Salona:

  • Military road Salona–Klis–Andetrium (Gornji Muć)
  • The road of new conquests and for safeguarding borders: Salona–Klis, Dugopolje–Dicmo; and Aequum (Čitluk–Servitium (Headquarters of the First Pannonian fleet, presumed to be on the Sava)
  • The mining road Salona–Tilurum Gardun,Trilj)and Argentaria (the area of Srebrenica)
  • Trade road Salona-Tilurum–Narona (Vid near Metković)
  • Salona–Spalato
  • Salona–Epetium (Stobreč) - Oneum (at the hamlet of Baučići, Omiš)–Makarska
  • Salona - Siculi (Resnik) - Tragurium (Trogir).

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