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Newsletter No. 7 - 2021 EN

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Dear partners, dear friends,

the summer season has returned in the most beautiful way possible, to our coast, islands and the inland of Split-Dalmatia County, which once again attract visitors from all over the world. After months of uncertainty and the absence of tourist crowds, our rivieras, roads, ferry ports and airports have once again revived with tourist arrivals, the return of airlines, some extraordinary rides and new bookings.
Rarely have we been looking forward to the arrival of our guests as much as we have this year, because with each new group of tourists we progressively return to the familiar life in the tourist heart of the Adriatic, which has the longest tradition of hospitality and tourist services. With great caution and care, every step is taken for our guests to feel safe, welcome and relaxed. By implementing the epidemiological measures carefully in all areas of tourism, our hosts, hoteliers, camps and marinas, have demonstrated responsibility in their preparations to safely host all those who have placed their trust in the Central Dalmatia as a place for their long-awaited vacation this year. Safety standards are high in all tourist facilities, and epidemiologists have prepared very detailed guidelines of conduct and work for all types of tourist services, because the health of our guests and hosts is of the utmost importance to us.
At the same time, the hosts from different tourist destinations seek to enrich the stay of their guests with various types of entertainment, events, facilities and festivities, and everything is organized in accordance with epidemiological measures so that the safety of visitors would not be endangered. Fortunately, our piazzas, squares, waterfronts, promenades, historic and archeological sites provide enough space for safe enjoyment of the finest cultural and artistic events under the open sky. For those who want activities, there will be no shortage of adrenaline-fueled challenges on river rapids, bicycles, kayaks or heights of mountain ranges that are being enriched with new tourist attractions.
A number of foreign journalists who visit our county are starting to realize this and they share their positive impressions about the safety measures in Central Dalmatia in their media, which ultimately results in a steady increase in reservations and arrivals. The growing number of yachtsmen is particularly impressive in June when it comes to the Split-Dalmatia County, as is the growing number of passengers at the Resnik Airport, which was the busiest airport in June in Croatia with 117,000 passengers.
All of the aforementioned inspires optimism for the months ahead, in which the hosts and tourist staff in the Split-Dalmatia County will be ready to provide unforgettable summer experiences and delights to everyone heading for the heart of the Adriatic.
We welcome you to your long-awaited holiday in Split-Dalmatia County.


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Joško Stella
Director of Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board

Tourist traffic of Split-Dalmatia County

evisitor 7 2021

In the first six months of 2021, a significant increase in tourist arrivals and overnight stays was recorded in Split-Dalmatia County. Although it is ill-advised to draw comparisons with last year’s numbers, considering that it had already been July when a more serious tourist traffic had been recorded, according to the eVisitor system, 319,940 tourists spent a total of 1,515,611 nights in commercial accommodation in Central Dalmatia in the first half of the year, meaning that the number of arrivals grew by 87 percent, while the number of overnight stays grew by 93 percent when compared to the same period last year. The majority of guests in the first half of the year consisted of Germans, Czechs, B&H citizens and Slovenians. There was also a significant increase in the number of guests arriving from the USA, 12,877 of which resided in Split-Dalmatia County in the first six months of this year, which makes their 50,505 overnight stays a 750 percent increase in arrivals.
In June, Central Dalmatia was visited by 219,333 tourists who realized 1,113,414 commercial overnight stays, which is a 225 percent growth in arrivals and 228 percent growth in overnight stays compared to June of the previous year. The biggest number of overnight stays was realized by the guests from Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia.
Significant growth in a number of yachtsmen was also recorded, and according to eCrew data, 23,000 yachtsmen (120 percent more than the previous year) visited Split-Dalmatia County in June, amounting up to 155,000 overnight stays (150 percent more than before). In the first six months, 39,000 yachtsmen sailed through the waters of Split-Dalmatia County (220 percent more than in 2020), staying overnight for 238,000 times (256 percent increase).

Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board at the opening of the park Mala Hrvatska in Krakow

krakow 7 2021At the grand opening ceremony of the park Mala Hrvatska (Little Croatia) on 27 June in Krakow, the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, which was the only tourist region to present itself separately, took advantage to exclusively promote its tourist opportunities and offers. At the promotional stand of the CNTB and Split-Dalmatia County, in addition to the promotional material, animators were specifically hired to attract children to the stand with various games, drawings and entertainment. Since the Sunday opening of Little Croatia in Krakow was a family picnic with many children, great interest was shown for the children's picture book “Dalmatian Comes Home”, printed in Polish by the County Tourist Board, which displayed the most exciting tourist places of Central Dalmatia.
"The Polish market is especially important for our county because Poles frequently choose our region during their vacation time. Although they tend to arrive by car, it is important that Split remains well connected with airlines to a number of Polish cities, especially since an increasing number of Poles are choosing a plane to arrive faster. According to the information from our business partners, the current bookings from Poland come close to the figures from 2019, and the main condition for success is that we maintain a good epidemiological situation," said Joško Stella, the director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board.

Study visits of German travel agents in Central Dalmatia

reisewelt 7 2021Twenty-five representatives of German travel agents partnering with the tour operator Reisewelt from Neuhof, paid a study trip to the Split-Dalmatia County from 10 to 13 June of this year in order to better expand their sales network across different partner agencies. The Croatian National Tourist Board organized a cruise trip for them starting from Split and heading to Hvar, Korčula and Makarska. Apart from the natural beauties of Dalmatian islands, Biokovo and historical cities, the travel agents had an opportunity to check out the partnering hotels offered by Reisewelt on the Makarska Riviera. Joachim Teiser, owner and founder of Reisevelt, said that he was satisfied with this year's sales of holiday packages for Croatia and that he believed that German interest would be higher than last year’s, mainly due to Croatia's status as a safe destination on the German market.

Seasonal trains set off for Split

vlakovi 7 2021After the early start of RegioJet’s trains running between Croatia and Czech Republic in May, new tourist trains connecting Split with Slovakia, Austria and Hungary opened up in June. In cooperation with the Slovak Railways (ZSSK) and the Austrian Railways (ÖBB), seasonal trains will now run on the Bratislava - Vienna - Split route and vice versa until 11 September of this year. Trains will depart from Bratislava on Tuesdays and Fridays, while on Wednesdays and Saturdays they depart from Split, and a total of 50 trains will be running in both directions. The train will include two 2nd class wagons, three sleeping cars and three car freight wagons. Such cooperation between railway companies significantly contributes to the development of rail transport and the tourist offer of European countries. These tourist trains are expected to be used by a large number of passengers from Slovakia and Austria.
The cooperation between the Hungarian Railways (MÁV) and HŽ Putnički prijevoz resulted in the first seasonal train from Budapest arriving at the Split railway station on Saturday, 3 July. Seasonal trains will run until 11 September on the route Budapest - Split - Budapest. Trains will be departing from Budapest on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, while on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays they will depart from Split. The train includes bed wagons and sleeping cars.

Cro Care - an online web platform in Split-Dalmatia County

crocare 7 2021The Cro Care platform automatically recognizes the user's current location and displays the nearest emergency services and their contacts, and by using it, the guests of the Split-Dalmatia County will easily reach all emergency services this summer, as well as embassies, consulates, testing sites, health centers and hospitals in Split-Dalmatia County.
"Guests are advised to use this platform and the initial feedback has been great. With this platform, security has been raised to a new, higher level, because the interface is maximally adapted to the end user and graphically displays the map as well as list of locations, thereby allowing direct navigation to the target locations," said Joško Stella, the director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board.
The platform provides a number of possibilities for disseminating and upgrading data, and the web platform has a built-in emergency call button that can be used to call the police, fire brigade, ambulance, covid service or emergency service. So far, the web platform has been translated into seven languages and it has integrated a Smartweb system for recognizing the user's language background, which automatically translates the page into their language and filters the locations by the language in question.

55. Omiš Festival of Dalmatian Klapa

klape omis 7 2021A large number of competition categories at the Omiš Festival of Dalmatian Klapa will be available this year as well. Bringing out the greatest interest are the competitions in the categories of female and male klapa singing ensembles, which is why they must find their way to the finals through two competitive nights. With a live television broadcast from St. Michael’s Square, the ten best female and male klapas will perform at the final evenings on 16 and 17 of July.
"We already demonstrated last year that we know how to cope with extraordinary circumstances, so we remain optimistic about this year's Festival. We will follow all epidemiological measures and act in accordance with the decisions and recommendations of the epidemiologists. The number of concert visitors will be restricted according to the measures that will take effect. What worries me the most is the organization of klapa gatherings after the concerts, especially since the catering facilities only work until midnight according to current epidemiological measures, and it is known that klapas in the squares of Omiš often welcome the dawn singing," said the Festival Director, Professor Mijo Stanić.

Romance in Salona

romatika 7 2021"Romance in Salona" is a cultural and tourist event that takes place during July and August as part of the archeological site of Salona and the city of Solin. The goal of this event is to "revive" history with an authentic and high-quality interpretation of ancient heritage by organizing a theme event that creatively presents the life in Salona in ancient times. Such event would contribute to the promotion of the ancient Salona, but also improves the quality of the tourist offer at the Salona site. As a part of the evening, the Archaeological Museum in Split organized the exhibition of posters "Roman Night in Narona" in the regional building (Tusculum), which has taken place on the last Friday in July since 2011 and includes an interpretation of the ancient heritage.
On the 10th anniversary, the exhibition of posters at the event "Romance in Salona" will be organized by Mladen Čulić, an artist and a professor at the Academy of Arts in Split. The event Antika uz Jadro (Ancient times near Jadro river) (Mali Glorijet - the center of Solin) will be held on Friday, 30 July at 19:00, while the storytelling, games and workshops of ancient mosaics (Tusculum Garden, Salona) will take place on Friday, 6 August at 19:00. As a part of the events taking place in the Tusculum, visitors will be provided with a free tour of the Salona in the company of an expert guide on 6 August, with the departures starting at 19:00. The entry to the event will be free of charge.

67th Split Summer Festival

splitsko ljeto 7 2021From 14 July to 16 August, the city of Split once again becomes a big stage for many music, drama and ballet shows, at one of the oldest Croatian festivals, the 67th Split Summer Festival. The Split Summer Festival is a traditional event which, this year as well, presents artistic accomplishments, primarily of Croatian artists. The Festival will start with the opera premiere of Cavalleria rusticana in the Peristyle, and it will once again feature the popular operas such as The Lombards, Nabucco and Ero the Joker. The people of Split and their guests will have an opportunity to witness 49 stage performances, promotions and exhibitions during the month. The drama Gloria, written by Ranko Marinković and directed by Dražen Ferenčina, will be premiered at Sustipan. The organizers planned a total of 13 plays and 18 performances. The ballet ensemble will perform two premiere shows, a ballet performance by a member of the Split ensemble Aaron Kok 'Venatus/ Migrations' and a two-act ballet ‘Mozart A 2 & Don Juan'. It is also worth noting that the Split Summer Festival will also feature Missa Mediteranea, a composition by Tonči Huljić, which he composed for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra. It is composed of different Mass parts: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Benedictus, Agnus Dei.

Sinjska alka, 9 August

alka 7 2021The days of Alka and the Assumption with numerous events related to the feast of the Assumption and the traditional Alka, are the time when Sinj and the entire Cetina region become a meeting place for tens of thousands of visitors. Numerous shows that will be organized over the forty days in various places in Sinj and its surroundings will mark this year's Days of the Alka and the Assumption, from July and all through August, when tens of thousands of believers from all over the world will make a pilgrimage to the Church of Our Lady of Sinj on the great Christian holiday of Assumption. A series of concerts, festivals, performances and fairs will be held just before the holidays. The Sinj Village Fair, which will be held on 6 and 7 August 2021 on the Franjo Tuđman Square, has traditionally attracted numerous visitors with performances by various KUDs (cultural and artistic associations), ranging from workshops on traditional craftsmanship (blacksmithing, pottery, wool processing gastro), culinary presentations, exhibitions, to the performances of famous bands, such as Kopito and Ljuta Kuća, which will take place on Friday, 6 August, as well as Giuliano and Diktatori which take the stage on 7 August.
The play Opsada Sinja 1715. (The Siege of Sinj in 1715) will take place on 12 August at the Piazza at 20:30, and at the Alkarski dvori at 21:15, where they will be accompanied by the famous Brodosplit choir.
The central and the most interesting part for many visitors is the knightly competition where the target, the alka, has to be accurately hit, and it will be held for the 306th time on 8 August. This competition received a special recognition in 2010, when it was listed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. When visiting Sinj, one ought to visit the Alkar Palace and the recently opened Alka of Sinj Museum, both of which are located in one of the few preserved Venetian quarters (cavalry barracks) in Dalmatia.
TB Sinj

A match between the Delmats and the Romans

balun 7 2021An exhibition match between the Delmats and the Romans, which is to take place on 25 July 2021 at the Franjo Tuđman Square at 21:00 in Sinj, is based on the historical facts associated with the tombstone of a seven-year-old Roman boy Gaius Laberi found at the Tilurium site near Trilj. In his hand, the boy holds the ball that resembles the one used in contemporary football, and this is considered to be a proof that the first football in Europe was played in the Cetina region. Dean Poljak is an independent artist who made a replica of the tombstone and designed a game that fits the time of its creation in order to promote the theory of football originating in this area. The match has a comic character, while the rules of the game are tailored to fit the spirit of ancient times. The main actors are the Emperor Diocletian and Empress Prisca, surrounded by their advisers, guards and soldiers in the lodge. The field is occupied by the costumed musicians, a referee, ten Delmat and ten Roman players.
TB Sinj

Green Island Festival - Hvar

green hvar 7 2021We invite you to come and learn, clean, make conversation and enjoy the natural and peaceful ambience of the Česminica pine bay in Sućuraj for a few days with GIF and TAM, one of the best small music festivals in the region! The organizers highlight that learning comes first, and the fun comes second at the Green Island Festival which will be held in the Česminica Bay on the island of Hvar from 21 to 24 July.  
The Green Island Festival will serve as an ideal overture to the TAM TAM Music Festival, one of the best small music festivals in the region, which has been held at the same location for eight years. The Green Island Festival starts with an organized action of cleaning the Česminica Cove, after which the visitors will have the opportunity to learn something about the zero-waste lifestyle, sustainable construction, permaculture and biodynamic agriculture (both online and live), as well as meet local family farms and visit the oil mills in the nearby village of Bogomolje.
The social impact agency Brodoto organizes the festival under the auspices of the U.S. Embassy in Croatia, and the four-day program and accommodation will be free of charge for the camp residents (20-24 July).

Information published in the Newsletter considered accurate and reliable at the time of their publication. The Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County warns that this information should not be considered as the basis for making important personal or business decisions and that you agree to not consider Split-Dalmatia County TB responsible for possible failure of your expectations. Split-Dalmatia County TB fully disclaims all liability for any user action use or misuse of the contents of this newsletter for any damages that may arise for the use or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the said content.












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