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Newsletter No. 3-19 EN

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Dear business partners, dear friends,
This spring Central Dalmatia again has a plenitude of traditions, experiences, entertainment and enjoyment in outdoor activities, numerous conventions, sports and cultural events and gatherings, which will achieve the best opening of this year's season and assure us that we are starting another good and successful business year.
Since we are days apart from hotels opening their doors to the pre-season, let's not forget that a good preparation of destinations, content and events in those hotels are one of the key strongholds of a good season. With all the efforts in developing destination content and high-quality promotion of all parts of our county, the tourist business world is entering the most intense part of the promotion and marketing analysis of the market, which will essentially determine the course of the tourist year.
There are numerous actions across Europe taken in that direction, to which the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board is contributing with its effective positioning of Central Dalmatia as a must-see tourist holiday region this year. With all the ongoing appearances at fairs, including the particularly successful ITB Berlin which had an individual Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board booth, numerous tourism advertisements and presentations of our county with a focus on the pre-season are before us. Business partners and outbound markets provide us with positive information about the sales and reservations, as well as about an increased market interest for certain segments of our offer.
Knowledge and skills of our tourism professionals, renters, craftsmen and entrepreneurs are simultaneously improved through a series of lectures, workshops and practical educations, in order for us to introduce them to the world's latest trends which can help them in being more successful, better and competitive on the market.
This is the right moment for us to be good hosts to the first pre-seasonal guests of Central Dalmatia in March by offering them events, entertainment and attractions which will help us gain and keep loyal guests.

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Joško Stella
Director of Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board

Dalmatinska zagora presented in Chinese

zagora kineski 3 2019

Tourist possibilities and attractions of Dalmatinska zagora were presented to the Association of Tourist Guides in Chinese. Specifically, the tourist boards of Imota, Sinj, Trilj, Vrgorac, Vrlika, Dugopolje and Klis welcomed the Association of Tourist Guides in Chinese and presented them the potentials of Dalmatinska zagora for the purpose of further promotion of the destination on the Chinese market. They used this opportunity to show them the beauties and peculiarities of this destination by visiting the spring of river Cetina, the early Christian Church of the Holy Salvation and the Lake Peruča, the Alka of Sinj Museum, Grabske mlinice near Trilj, tombstones in Cista Velika, the Red and Blue Lake in Imotski, ethno-eco village Kokorići, Vranjača cave, ethno-park Stella Croatica in Klis and the fortress of Klis. Last year's acknowledgment of Dalmatinska zagora by the Croatian Tourist Board as the most successful destination of rural tourism shows that the joint efforts of all participants of the Dalmatinska zagora tourism are going in the right direction.

The County's Tourist Board at Katowice fair

katowice 3 2019The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board will be an presenter at the GLOBalnie 2019 which will be held from 29 to 31 March in Katowice. Katowice is the third wealthiest Polish city, with good road connections to Split, as well as air ones via a direct Wizzair flight. GLOBalnie fair is oriented toward families and individuals, history, culture and outdoor activity enthusiasts, but also producers and buyers of recreational and sports tourist equipment.
By participating at this fair, the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board will continue its presence on the South Poland market, which is of major importance for the tourism of our region.

The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board at the Barcelona fair

btravel 3 2019Organized by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board,  the exhibition of three tourist boards of Dalmatian counties, as well as the Lika-Senj County Tourist Board and the City of Zagreb Tourist Board will take place at a joint 36 m2 booth at the B-Travel Fair in Barcelona, held from 22 to 24 March. They will present updates about the destination, new flights and attractions expected to be visited by the Spanish during their vacation in Croatia. Based on the statistics and analyses, the Spanish spend two weeks in Croatia wanting to visit as many destinations as possible. Since the city of Split has direct flights with Barcelona during the season, which are why an increasing number of the Spanish visits Central Dalmatia, this will be an opportunity to also promote better connections of the two countries.

Continued investment into nautical tourism ports in 2019

marine 3 2019This fall, there will be nine construction sites of nautical tourism ports opened in Central Dalmatia. With the support of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the planned investments of the County Port Authority of Central Dalmatia in 2019 are around HRK 300 million, which will significantly improve the maritime infrastructure. Therefore, a construction of a port with a promenade and amenities on the eastern part of the town of Omiš is planned. Throughout the 2019, the preparations for building a port and a pier for all types of boats except ferries in Bol on the island of Brač will be coming to an end. The Rogač port project on Šolta was successfully realized, Stomorska port on the east of Šolta and the Port of Split on the island of Brač will be redesigned. This fall is when the redesigning of the port on Sućuraj, the eastern cape of the island of Hvar, will begin, which will create completely new perspectives of Sućuraj, as well as Kaštel Stari, where the project of building a pier with all amenities will be realized.

14th National Prosciutto Fair in Sinj

prsut 3 2019The National Fair of Prosciutto and Dry-Cured Meat Products with an international participation will be held in Sinj from 12 to 13 April at the Alkar hotel. The National Prosciutto Fair promotes a traditional way of producing dry-cured meat products in accordance with the new standards, owing to the continuous activities of all associates, producers, institutions and the profession. The National Prosciutto Fair in Sinj has assumed an international character over the past several years due to the participation of presenters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Italia. There will be around 70 presenters, with several thousand visitors attending. The exhibition part contains prosciutto, dry-cured meat products, cheese, wine, olive oil and traditional products from rural Dalmatia, Lika and Slavonia, as well as from the islands in Split-Dalmatia County.
The fair is expected to welcome several prosciutto and dry-cured meat product producers from all over Croatia, Slavonian ham producers, regional meat industry, producer associations representatives, individual producers, producers of Istrian prosciutto, who traditionally participate at the fair, as well as our guests from Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Pig Breeders Association, regional family farms involved in pig breeding and prosciutto production, representatives of leading commercial chains, hoteliers and restaurant owners. Apart from the exhibition part, specialized educational panels are planned as a part of the fair. A rich cultural and art program with a presentation of Central Dalmatia, Herzegovina, Lika and Slavonia heritage will be organized. Within the fair, tourism and hospitality schools of Dalmatia traditionally present their skills in arranging and serving prosciutto and other traditional products, and a BURA CUP competition is organized in which the students of vocational schools participate with their mentors.

14th Christian Culture Days

dkk 3 2019The international event of Christian Culture Days will this year be held from 6 to 16 April. It was first held in Split in 2005, and has since become a recognizable event, significantly contributing to the cultural richness and diversity in Croatian society. The aim of the event is to draw attention to the richness of our inherited tradition and show why the European culture can be called Christian in its deepest core, as well as refer to actions and persons making it possible. The event seeks to create space for contemporary authors who listen to the current times and who create in different fields of cultural and artistic work inspired by the Christian vision of the world and of reality. Based on such a concept, the Christian Culture Days include exhibitions, concerts, public discussions, round tables, book and record presentations, theater productions, movie screenings, etc., which together form a several-day cultural and social event of recognizable identity. As a part of the event, the competitive exhibition Contemporary Christian Art Salon – Ivo Dulčić will again be organized. The Arts Council of the Salon in cooperation with the Organizational Council of the Salon will select the works of art which will be exhibited in Split from 6 to 16 April 2016 at the Milesi palace as a part of the Christian Culture Days event.

International Historic Cities Congress in Solin

msb 3 2019The Solin Tourist Board in cooperation with the Hotel President Solin and the Town of Solin is organizing the 5th International Historic Cities Congress in the Hotel President Solin, which will be held from 26 to 29 March 2019. The Congress will bring together tourism and archeology professionals to hold lectures. Under the slogan “Meet, Share & Build”, the aim of the project is to encourage meetings of tourism leaders of Croatian and foreign ancient cities, tourist boards, and travel agency representatives so as to exchange promotional experiences on the local and international tourist market, as well as to develop new tourist products and arrangements. With respect to the significance of Salona archeological locality in ancient history and today, the basis of this project is in the spirit of the new Croatian tourism strategy in which the concepts of DMO and DMC are integral for the future tourism development of Croatia.

„ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend Hvar“

otilo 3 2019Once again, the town of Hvar has an extraordinary honor to be the host of two qualification ÖTILLÖ races for the Swimrun World Championship, a new sports discipline in the aquathlon category, where the contestant pairs alternately run and swim. The contest will be held on 6 and 7 April 2019 on the west side of the island of Hvar, under the official name of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend Hvar. These races are qualifications for the World Championship which is traditionally held every September in Stockholm Archipelago, where everything started. Swimrun as a sports discipline originated in Sweden in 2006, and the first swimrun organization ÖTILLÖ (“from island to island” in Swedish) spread this incredible sports adventure all over the world. With its years-long hosting of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Weekend Hvar event, organized by the Town of Hvar and the Hvar Tourist Board, Croatia entered a prestigious society of countries where ÖTILLÖ World Championship races are being held (alongside Sweden, Germany, England and Switzerland).

14th International Culinary Festival, "Pearl of the Sea 2019“

bisermora 3 2019From 9 to 13 April, in the town of Supetar, the International Culinary Festival called the Pearl of the Sea 2019 will host numerous local and foreign gastro scene names. The project is designed as a competition of tourism and hospitality schools (secondary and higher schools) as well as professional chefs; it has become one of the most significant chef competitions on the Mediterranean and is rated as a first-class gastronomic and tourist event of Croatia. This is supported by the fact that over 1,000 chefs from 30 European countries and 200 students, lecturers and public persons, as well as many people responsible for the development of the gastronomy of Croatia and of partner countries have so far participated in the festival. The Pearl of the Sea is much more than a professional chef and hospitality schools competition, since gastro exhibitions, enological workshops, cooking shows, degustations, local and foreign cuisine presentations, round tables, B2B meetings, professional chefs and citizens workshops, gastro tours and entertaining programes are included in the rich and attractive programs. AKMER – the Association of Chefs from Mediterranean and European Regions, and Waterman Svpetrvs Resort are the organizers of this event.

Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference – ASDA

asda 3 2019From 10 to 12 April, in Spaladium Arena, the city of Split will be the center of Middle and Southeast Europe with its presentation of new achievements in weapon and military equipment industry. Sponsor of the event organized by the American company TNT Production in Spaladium Arena is the Government of the Republic of Croatia, with the support of the Ministry of Defence and the City of Split. The organizers announced that Split joined cities such as Paris, Moscow, London and Abu Dhabi, where similar events are held regularly, thanks to the ASDA. This will be the fifth ASDA, which is traditionally held in Split every two years.

23rd Easter Regatta, Hvar

regata 3 2019Easter Regatta, the main organizer of which is PBZ Leasing in cooperation with the sports organizator ANA School & Sailing Center from Bakar, will be held from 10 to 13 April in the Hvar waters, under the jurisdiction of the Croatian Sailing Federation. Last year's Easter Regatta gathered 41 competing teams, and the town of Hvar lives a sailing life on those days, because this regatta indicates the beginning of the sailing season in Croatia. This will pour life back into the town of Hvar after the winter break, with the new edition of the regatta on the sunniest local island being anticipated by both the citizens and the tourist workers of the town of Hvar.

21st Croatia Boat Show

cbs 3 2019Preparations for the 21st Croatia Boat Show which will be held from 10 to 14 April are in full swing. This year we will again host impressive nautical models of the renowned world manufacturers on the west coast of Split. Croatia Boat Show, as the leading nautical fair in the region, has been gathering shipbuilders, and ship equipment and nautical clothes manufacturers, as well as agencies and marina representatives, dealers of inflatables, sailboats and motor boats for almost two decades. Last year's jubilee 20th CBS was an excellent indicator that the nautical industry recovered, with the show being significantly bigger, more glamorous and more popular in comparison with the last year. According to the announcements of the organizers, this year's 21st Croatia Boat Show will, with its size, content, business opportunities and number of visitors approach the number it held for years, at satisfaction of all partners, presenters and guests, when the Croatia Boat Show was among ten biggest fairs in the world.

AMD SAPPHIRE DOTA PIT tournament in Split

dota 3 2019From 22 to 24 April, the world's best teams will arrive to Split for the Dota PIT tournament, where they will compete against each other in this extremely popular video game for the prizes worth 300,000 dollars. This is the longest event of this kind held in Split so far. Spaladium Arena will be transformed into an arena for seven whole days. The teams, which attract the audiences the most, are still unknown since the competition for valuable points is yet to be finished, and these will ensure those 8-member teams their invitation to the Split tournament, which can be compared to the tournaments in Birmingham, Mumbai, Kiev, Macau, Katowice and Bucharest.JureSeen By: Jure At those tournaments, the world Dota 2 teams will gather new points, this time for the concluding tournament in the aforementioned game, Valve's The International 2019 in Shanghai. An expected 400 billion viewers will be able to watch the Split tournament on direct TV transmission (Live Stream) on all world continents, while the expected daily attendance for this event in Spaladium arena is around 2,500 and 4,000 viewers.
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Registrations for XCM cycling marathon “Uvati vitar”

uvativitar 3 2019For the last year's “wind catching”, the contestants had only positive comments, and they proclaimed this race as one of the most beautiful they have driven so far. The organizers prepared an even more dynamic and more interesting race in Sutivan, from 18 to 20 May. The trails are changed, with three lengths to choose from: Bonaca – 18 km, Vitar – 43 km and Bura – 75 km. The fastest will receive big prize money, and the luckiest a ruffle. This year's novelty is the E-bike marathon which is driven on electric Pedelec bikes with an EPAC system (Electric Power Assisted Cycle). Starting time is separated from other contestants, and the trail driven is Vitar path (40+km).
Sutivan is, except at the start of the race, the host of all side events within which the contestants will be able to get together with the biggest bicycle brands. After the race, you will be able to enjoy the gastronomic offer of the island of Brač with a glass of wine and music on the Sutivan riva, and on Sunday morning support the youngest, for which the race is also organized, while drinking coffee with the lecturers. For those looking for accommodation or transportation to the island of Brač, a bike for the race, or lunch and dinner for their company, everything is available in terms of packages at TraveleKupi webpage. Even though this year Uvati vitar is purely a recreational MTB race for which a licence is not needed, this marathon can serve as an excellent practice or a preparatory race.

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