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Dear business partners, dear friends,
the holiday season, which showed that Central Dalmatia continues to be interesting to guests even during winter, is behind us. Numerous Advent events in towns and cities of our county attracted a large number of visitors in December, which resulted in Split-Dalmatia County accommodating more than 33 thousand guests, realizing an 18 percent growth in overnight stays in commercial accommodations and a 34 percent growth in arrivals in December and during the New Year's holidays.
This concluded our business year the best way possible, by continuing our brilliant trend which recorded significant growths in tourist traffic the entire preceding year, with the largest ones being during the pre-season and post-season months, which was our main goal, in addition to the growth of service quality. However, such results are also an obligation to new advancements and investments in improving quality. Therefore, even though we are only in the first days of January, we are at full intensity with preparations and realizations of a series of activities which aim to better establish Central Dalmatia as a desirable and irreplaceable destination for vacation, fun and relaxation throughout the year. Marketing activities are key during this period, which is why we will attend numerous fairs and have a series of presentations in January and February.
Record investments in accommodation capacities for the season 2019 in Split-Dalmatia County amounting to 197 million euros, with Split being the most attractive to the investors, will raise service quality and provide new reasons for additionally prolonging the season. With an even better and enriched offer, along with a strong promotional activity, Split-Dalmatia County will be the host to make every guest's vacation or a business visit successful, pleasant and memorable.
On our journey towards that common goal, once again, we wish you plenty of health, happiness and success in 2019.

stella 2015

Joško Stella
Director of Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board

Split-Dalmatia County – Winner of season 2018

prvievisitor 1 2019

According to eVisitor data, in 2018 there were 19,110,498 overnight stays and 3,698,159 tourist arrivals, which is a 9 percent growth in arrivals and 5 percent growth in overnight stays compared to last year. This is also the biggest growth realized in all coastal tourist counties in 2018. Looking at number of guests, the first are Germans, with 340,690 arrivals to Split-Dalmatia County and 2.1 million of overnight stays. The second-ranked are Poles with 311 thousand arrivals, followed by the British with 231 thousand arrivals and Czechs with 224 thousand arrivals.
Split-Dalmatia County has the biggest share, almost 20 percent, of the total tourist traffic of Croatia. In other words, every fifth Croatian guest in commercial accommodation stayed in Central Dalmatia. In Split-Dalmatia County, the biggest share of overnight stays belonged to the Split Riviera, followed by the Makarska Riviera. The largest traffic growth in 2018 was recorded by Zagora, which had 15 percent more overnight stays than last year.
Looking at the growth of tourist traffic during off-season months, Split-Dalmatia County is the overall winner of this year's season, since the growth of tourist arrivals in its area from March to the end of December was constantly the largest in the country, with Split being a true star with a double-digit growth of arrivals and overnight stays throughout the year. Central Dalmatia firmly established itself as the second strongest tourist region in the country, right behind Istria, and ahead of Kvarner, which held the second place with its traffic for decades.

Split third in the world

graward 1 2019Among the top 20 cities in the world in which the guests of Booking online platform felt best and gave the largest number of Guest Review Awards 2018 to their hosts, Split is ranked highly as third, surpassed only by Rome and St. Petersburg in the entire tourist world. The Booking.com rating resulted in Split being the most awarded city in Croatia with by far the most awards won for the quality of accommodation in 2018 (more than 60). Only those guests who actually stayed in an accommodation facility could leave a review of their experience on Booking.com. After the check-out, the guests were asked to evaluate their experience with the accommodation according to six categories: cleanliness, comfortability, location, content, staff and value for money.
Tourist cities of the world are ranked according to the total share of winners of Guest Review Awards 2018 compared to the total number of facilities in those cities, and the city of Split won the most guest satisfaction awards in Croatia. According to the number of all received Guest Review Awards 2018, Croatia is ranked highly as sixth on the world list of 219 countries from all continents.

Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board visits state fair in Vienna and Stuttgart

bec stuttgart 1 2019The tourist offer of the Makarska Riviera and Central Dalmatia will be presented at the Ferien-Messe Wien Fair held in Vienna from 12 to 15 January. Ferien-Messe Wien Fair, the holiday and travel show, is extremely visited and it's the leading tourism fair in Austria. Considering the proximity of the market and the interest shown so far, it is expected that our traditional guests Austrians will keep up the growing trend of arrivals realized in this year in Central Dalmatia.
Ferrienmesse Wien

The Split Riviera and Central Dalmatia tourist offer will be presented for the first time in one of the largest world tourism fairs – CMT in Stuttgart. This year, the 51st edition of CMT in Stuttgart will be held from 12 to 20 January, gathering more than 2,000 presenters from more than 90 countries of the world. Considering the amazing track record of German tourists in the Split Riviera and Central Dalmatia, the appearance at this fair with 250,000 visitors expected is more than justified.
CMT Stuttgart

Appearance at fairs in Helsinki, London, Brussels, Milan, New York,Dusseldorf

ostalisajmovi 1 2019The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board will take part in the international tourism fair MATKA in Helsinki from 17 to 20 January, along with over 1,000 participants from around 80 countries presenting their offer. Finland's national carrier Finnair removed the Helsinki–Pula air route from their summer flight schedule offer of 2019. However, the Helsinki–Split air route has been reinforced and will have one air route more compared to 2018, which will include every day except for Monday during the high season. The air route starts on 16 April and will last until 23 October.
Matka Helsinki

The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Split County Chamber, will present itself at the Croatian National Tourist Board booth at the leading international boat show and watersports fair BOAT Düsseldorf 2019 which will be held from 19 to 27 January 2019 in Düsseldorf. It is a specialized fair with around 2,000 participants from 68 countries of the world presenting their products, and with almost 250,000 visitors.
Boat Düsseldorf

Destinations Fair – The Holiday & Travel Show held in London from 31 January to 5 February is aimed at a wider audience and sponsored by The Times magazine. It's extremely important for Split-Dalmatia County in terms of prolonging the season, since the British guests traditionally arrive to Central Dalmatia during pre-season and post-season, which is supported by the fact that there is an increased number of flights from London to Split Airport.
Destination Show London

Vacances Fair, held from 7 to 10 February in Brussels, will have 350 presenters and is expecting 100,000 visitors this year. Last year's large interest of the fair's visitors in our region as well as good traffic connections between Brussels and Split (direct Brussels–Split air route from May to October) are a good sign that the number of arrivals and overnight stays of Belgian tourists in Split-Dalmatia County in 2019 might increase compared to earlier years.
Vacances Bruxelles

BIT Fair in Milan is one of the most significant world tourism fairs. This year it will be held from 10 to 12 February, with over 2 thousand tourism companies participating and an expected number of 60 thousand visitors. Due to direct flights from Milan and nearby Bergam to Split, this fair is extremely important for representing the tourist offer of Split-Dalmatia County.
BIT Milano

The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board will appear at the New York Times Travel Show, which is being held sixteenth year in a row from 25 to 27 January.  550 presenters from 170 countries from around the world will be presenting there, with an expected number of 30,000 tourist industry professionals. The first day of the fair, with its wide selection of expert seminars about the latest tourist products and information on tourist destinations, is intended for tourism professionals. The other two days are opened for a wider audience and professionals.
New York Travel Show

Winners of the Sunflower of the Rural Tourism of Croatia 2018 awards and recognitions

suncokret 1 2019Croatian Tourism and Rural Development Association "Klub članova Selo", whose goal is to promote and award Croatian rural regions and their tourist potentials, traditional activities as a part of the most significant projects, producers, events and attractions which preserve authenticity and creation of new rural tourism products, awarded the Sunflower of the Rural Tourism of Croatia award at the end of 2018 to the best programs and projects in rural tourism. At the award ceremony in late 2018 in Zagreb, Ethno Agro Park Stella Croatica in Klis received the winning award – the Golden Sunflower of the Rural Tourism of Croatia 2018 in the Entrepreneurs in Rural Tourism category. In the Rural and Tourist Projects category, the Bronze Charter award: family farm Katja Cukrov – Ethnographic collection "Museum of Oil" in Škrip, Supetar. In the Wine Tourism category, the Bronze Charter award was won by the Wine Carriage project, family farm Kapov, Kaštel Lukšić. The Golden Charter award for the World Olive Picking Championship belongs to the Postira Agricultural Cooperative and the Municipality of the Postira Tourist Board.

Winterfest Solin begins

solin winter 1 2019This year again, the Solin Tourist Board in cooperation with the town administration and partners will carry out their Winterfest Solin project, aimed at improving Solin's tourism offer throughout the year, taking place from 12 January to 14 February 2019. Winterfest Solin is the only festival of its kind in the county, depicting the cultural, natural and religious heritage of the town of Solin to the citizens and visitors through 4 different themes. As a collage of experiences, Winterfest has several main themes – water, tradition, mercy and love – covered through events, workshops, entertainment and lectures. Stories about the River Jadro, Experience and Shape Salona, Old Crafts School and Drawing School are only a few among some twenty events of Winterfest Solin. Apart from educating fellow citizens and designing cultural activities during winter months, this project is aimed to develop the off-season tourist offer and to establish Solin as a destination which is alive for 365 days a year. All events within the Winterfest Solin are free of charge.
The project is carried out in partnership with Zvonimir Public Institution of Culture, Solin Town Library, Center for Children, Youth and Family, President Hotel, Gašpić Restaurant, Gašpina mlinica concessionaire, Archeological Museum Split, as well as with the support of the Klis Municipality and Sinj Tourist Board.

International Wedding Day Fair in Split

vjencanje 1 2019All the best from the wedding world to know, meet and arrange will be presented at the Wedding Day Fair, held in Split from 25 to 27 January 2019. This fair is an amazing opportunity for the economic and public sector to have business meetings, exchange information on the news from the market and the newest trends in that industry. The fair will be held in the attractive Spaladium Arena in Split, giving young people and everyone planning a future together a chance to have a direct insight into everything at their disposal to organize a beautiful wedding day, but also a concrete contact with craft businesses and service providers. Entry is free of charge for all visitors.

Night of Museums 1 February

noc muzeja 1 2019A large number of museums and galleries are expecting visitors on the 1st of February for the Night of Museums, which has been putting museums and exhibition venues in the spotlight for a number of years now, while educating, entertaining and creating new friends and visitors of such institutions. For this year's Night of Museums, museums and galleries will be opened between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m., while the entrance if free of charge for all visitors. In line with their possibilities, museums will organize different appropriate programs. Croatian Museum Association invited museums and numerous other heritage institutions to use the Night of Museums in 2019 to present to the audience the experiences of applying digital technology in the work of the institutions, and virtually draw the museum and personal future closer to the audience with new programs and ideas during the Night of Museum.
Last year, only the museums and galleries of Split were visited by 20 thousand guests who followed various programs, concerts, promotions, exhibition openings with free sharing and appropriate sale of museum publications and souvenirs, therefore, a good turnout is expected this year as well.
Croatian Museum Association

Adriatic Gastro Show Split 6–9 February

adriatiac gastro 1 2019In Spaladium Arena in Split, from 6 to 9 February 2019, the international gastronomy and tourism festival Adriatic Gastro Show will bring together numerous presenters, producers, tourism professionals, professional associations, and welcome the most famous names in the field of gastronomy, winemaking, as well as companies in the field of catering and interior furnishing. It will be a place for business meetings and talks between company representatives from a dozen of European countries, as well as accompanying events with round tables and discussions about current topics from tourism and catering profession. In addition to numerous events within the fair, there will be, among others, a competition for bartenders and chefs.

Information published in the Newsletter considered accurate and reliable at the time of their publication. The Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County warns that this information should not be considered as the basis for making important personal or business decisions and that you agree to not consider Split-Dalmatia County TB responsible for possible failure of your expectations. Split-Dalmatia County TB fully disclaims all liability for any user action use or misuse of the contents of this newsletter for any damages that may arise for the use or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the said content













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