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Aren't you fed up with all those look-alike giant concrete hotels, despite their high star-ratings and generous offerings of luxury and comfort? If so, you need to sample the unique venue that awaits you at one of the numerous eco-ethno villages. The popularity of these incomparable properties, enjoyed by guests from throughout the world, has caused an unprecedented expansion recently in areas around the Split-Dalmatia County, on the coast, hinterlands and islands.

Returning to nature and tradition has been a growing trend. The undiscovered beauty of ancient Dalmatia beyond the tourist hustle and bustle on the coast, and the centuries-old stone houses that reflect the Mediterranean quiet, all are within elbow's reach to anyone longing for a different vacation, as well as to travelers who are seeking pristine nature and the call of the beautiful sea.

Many countries have turned to the development of sustainable models of rural tourism, and Split-Dalmatia County has launched the project of eco-ethno villages, based on proven Italian and Istrian models. The benefits of these projects are many: the specific aesthetic pleasure derived from the creation itself; the development of novel accommodations, agro-tourism, and the blend of artistic and traditional settlements; the preservation of cultural heritage; and the restoration of older houses, farms and other buildings. The result of these efforts also retards local displacement and, in many instances, is luring numerous residents to return to their former locale. This action, in turn, is reviving traditional manufacturing and crafts, as well as producing a healthier food supply.

Ethno-eco villages reflect Dalmatian folk culture and architectural traditions. Most of them have a beautiful view of the sea, while others offer up an ideal microclimate. These villages have been developing for centuries, built in tune with the natural laws of the land, and this is exactly what they offer to today's guests, a back-to-nature ambience enriched with cultural tradition.

Visitors are offered a variety of unique walking tours, by bike or on horseback, and other forms of active tourism, from participating in farm work and gathering herbs, to rafting, rock climbing and game fishing. Many eco-ethno villages are but a short ten-minute drive from the large marinas, which make them an ideal destination for boaters desiring to see a completely different picture of the coast or the islands.

But above all else, ethno-eco villages are a perfect place to relax in peace and quiet, enhanced by the sounds of nature, the fascinating smells of Dalmatian herbs and the view of the bright stars which, in contrast to star-gazing from giant hotels, are impossible to count.

In Split-Dalmatia County about thirty eco-ethno villages have been designed on the islands, in the coastal and hinterland area:

  • Topici, Topici-Bast (Baska Voda);
  • Zorace, Malo Grablje, Velo Grablje, Brusje (Hvar);
  • Humac (Jelsa);
  • Podhumlje (Komiza);
  • Tugare Ume, Cazin Dolac (Omis);
  • Dol (Postira);
  • Gornji Prolozac Podi (Prolozac);
  • Blace (Solin);
  • Grohote (Solta);
  • Podi Grab Bugar., Gornje Vostane and Grubisici (Trilj);
  • Kokoric, Veliki Godinj (Vrgorac);
  • Karoglani (Zmijavci);
  • Murvica (Bol);
  • Gornja Podsrtana, Stara Podstrana (Podstrana);
  • Lolic i Mijanovici (Split);
  • Brdaci (Zec), Divojveici, Radosic (Lecevica);
  • Botic-Opor (Prgomet);
  • Naklo-tavnice (Lokvicici);
  • Jesenice, Duce (Dugi Rat);
  • Mala Rudina (Stari Grad);
  • Bekavci Kricar (Brela);
  • Rusinovici, Drvenik Veli Kacine (Trogir).

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