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Island of Brač

- The cape Ptičji rat near Povlja is one of the most interesting cliff walls on the Island of Brač. The location is also geologically interesting because of its position between the steep slopes of Mt. Biokovo and the location called Vrulja, where there are underwater caves and tunnels from which underground rivers emerge.
- Cove "Lučice" is on the south side of the island. The cave entrance is at a depth of 3 m and descends vertically to 25 m. The right side is 34 m deep, and the tunnel on the left side is 44 m deep. In the cave you can see large amberjacks swimming together with the divers. In the cave you can dive using natural light, while underwater torches are needed in the tunnel.
- East of the isle of Mrduja, at a depth of 40 m, is the wreck of the ship "Meje." The 30 m-long ship is lying on the sand, while the bow of the ship is at a depth of 47 m. Diving is possible at the cabin section. In the vicinity of the ship, there is a wall at a depth of 25 m which is often visited upon returning from the wreck. Because of the depth where the ship lies, it is recommended to use technical diving equipment with gas mixtures.

Island of Šolta

- The wreck of the fishing boat "Ribolovac" was sunk on the north side of the island of Šolta, near Stomorska, at the Pelegrin site, lying at a depth of 20 meters, and it is suitable for all categories of divers.
- Along the cape of Livka there is a gallery with a vertical wall and a cave at a depth of 35 m. At the bottom of the cave is an ancient anchor. Video recording is possible with good visibility.
- Jorija represents a wall with a large cave, with its entrance at 15 m, while its ceiling ends just beneath the surface. The location is suitable for beginners. Because of the shallow diving depth and the spacious cave’s location, it is suitable for training cave diving.
- The Piramida site is located in the bay of Travna. From the west point of the cove southwards are 6 underwater, pyramidal peaks. The first peak is at a depth of 25 m while the others are at 35 m. The bases are at depths ranging from 34 to 56 m. Visibility is excellent, and the location is recommended for advanced categories of divers.
- Vela Ploča presents a wall that starts at 6 meters of depth and ends at 45 m, covered with gorgonians and lobsters. Due to its shallow depth the wall is suitable for beginners.
- Sipuja is located in the Stracinska bay. It is an underwater wall that starts at a depth of 25 m with the base at 45 m. The wall is full of holes, crevices, canyons and gorgonians so it is a suitable habitat for many fish species. It is recommended to more experienced underwater cameramen.
- Marie Grota is located at a depth of 6 m. It consists of an entrance to a cave which descends vertically to a depth of 25 m, where the cave exit is located. After leaving the cave, diving can be continued along the wall, which reaches a depth of 40 m. The site is suitable for underwater photography - video recording.

Island of Vis

- The merchant ship "Teti" was run aground in 1930 on the island of Mali Barjak due to bad weather or navigational errors, and then it sank. The ship lies at a depth of 14 to 35 meters and is therefore suitable for all categories. The stern is very well-preserved, as well as the ship’s hold, which is filled with granite blocks that it carried. Because of its upright position, overgrown decks, its characteristic helm on the stern, it is a common subject for underwater photographers.
- "Vassilios T" is a Greek cargo ship that was on its way to Venice when it hit the rocks of Cape Stupišće. It lies on its side at a depth of 30-38 m, fascinates with the size of its large hold, and beautiful bow and dropped anchor. It is suitable for divers of all categories since it is located close to the shore. It is recommended for advanced divers, but its shallow-lying right side can also be visited by beginners.
- "Ursus" is a tugboat that was sunk in 1941 by a British submarine. It is located at a depth of 45 to 55 m in a position as if it were still sailing, and a long steel cable is located at its side.
The letters URSUS can be seen on the stern. The engine room and bow gun are still preserved. Diving requires a rope all the way to the ship.
- Brioni was a passenger/cargo ship that sank along the south-eastern coast of Vis, and according to available data it hit the shore in bad weather and ran aground on the islet Ravnik, and soon sank. Due to the depth of 50 to 60 meters the location is accessible only to divers trained for diving using gas mixtures. It lies on its port side and is overgrown with numerous sponges and corals. It is suitable for underwater filming.
- B-17 is a wreck off the southern coast of Vis. It lies at a depth of 75 meters. This well-preserved combat aircraft of the US Air Force from the Second World War was forced to make an emergency landing off the coast of Vis after a bombing raid on Maribor because of the damage to its hull and engine. The bomber Boeing B-17G is considered a war grave. Diving at this site is permitted only for divers who have equipment for technical diving with gas mixtures.
- "Fortunal" is a fishing boat in very good condition in a location that has excellent visibility. It is located along the northern coast of Vis. The site is available to diving centres from Vis and Komiža. On board, one can see neatly arranged nets, fishing equipment, communication antennae on the masts and other marine equipment. The site is attractive for underwater filming.

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