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Lovers of history and Croatian cultural heritage, who want to discover new spheres of Medieval remains and at the same time experience the life of the Dalmatian highlands, the adventures it offers and feel the delights it has, will surely be thrilled when visiting the fortresses of the Cetina basin. The remains of the fortresses in the Cetina basin are genuine traces of Medieval Croatian heritage. They wake up memories, remembrance and pride. Enjoying the tradition and natural beauty of the Dalmatian highlands, flavors of delicacies of many rural households, adrenaline and an adventure horseback riding along the River Cetina as well as rafting on the river, are just some of the interesting aspects of this adventure. Visit this region which experienced its largest growth in the Middle Ages, by defending itself from mighty warriors and building magnificent fortresses like Kunjak, Visuč, Starigrad and Peovica. Experience its history and enjoy the adventure and the stories, myths and legends that we will be pleased to reveal to you.

Tourist packages are 3 days long. The activity programme for a 3 day package includes: Day 1: fortresses at Prozor, Glavaš, Travnik; Day 2: Sinj, Čačvina, Nutjak; Day 3: Kunjak, Visuć, Starigrad, Peovica. Packages are available from 1 March – 30 September, for groups of between 8 – 16 people. Accommodation is provided at a hotel.Transport is provided by us, by van or minibus. Professional guides are available in English, Italian, German and other languages upon request. All information provided is of a general character only and is not binding, and it is therefore necessary to request a final offer.

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