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Sweet Dalmatia

History is made not only from some distant years and spectacular events registered in old archives, carefully kept in glass cabinets. History is made also of brilliant customs and habits that once entered people’s lives and are transferred with love to new generations. We shall take you to see Dalmatia behind the hill and along the sea following this sweet thread of history woven into recipes of traditional cakes. Though served at the end and very often neglected cakes deserve all our attention. Ingredients they are made of, way of preparation and servicing hide much more history than one can judge at the first sight. In Dalmatian hinterland we shall present you the real queen – cake of Imotski and in UNESCO pearl, Trogir we shall serve you rafiols.On the island of Brač you will taste unique cake called hrapaćuša and among streets of historical centre of Split we shall uncover you many sweet snacks.

Visit to Imotski, tasting of cake and matching with superb local liquor, visit to the island of Brač and story about the stone and hrapoćuša , visit to the towns under UNESCO protection Trogir and Split with tasting of local deserts.

Package can be organised for a period of two to four days. Framework programme of activities for three days package includes : 1 day visit to Imotski and vicinity with tasting of cake and matching with local liquor , 2 day – visit to the island of Brač , sightseeing with degustation of local products and desserts , 3 day – sightseeing of Trogir and Split with tasting of local cakes

Package can be realised throughout the whole year for groups of 2 to 16 persons. Accommodation in hotels with 4and 5 while the transport by motor vehicles, vans, speedboats and ferry. Professional guidance is possible in English and upon request in other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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