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Museums of Dalmatian Hinterland

Dalmatian Hinterland is the area of extremely rich history and culture. In the past it found itself very often at the crossroads of many cultures, religions and armed forces. This area also gave many great people especially those who dealt with written words like poets and essayists. Traces of such rich heritage can be seen everywhere in Dalmatian hinterland, many churches, monasteries, fortifications, old towns and villages and plenty of oral traditions. But there are places though where culture and history are concentrated unlike any other like – museums. You are probably familiar with small towns and villages, karst, Alka or lakes of Imotski but how much do you know about museums of Dalmatian hinterland? Though they are not so well known the museums of Dalmatian hinterland keep many secrets which together with other beauties make this area a special destination.

knowing the culture and history of Dalmatian hinterland. The most important spots that are visited are : Trilj and Museum of the area of Trilj, Sinj and Musem of the area of Sinj , Imotski and its Regional Museum. Klis fortress

Package can be organised for a period  of 3 to 6 days Indicative programme of activities for four days package includes : 1. day: Trilj, Museum of the area of Trilj and its surrounding with the navigation on river Cetina ; 2. day: Sinj, the Museum of Sinj Alka with the visit to the Old Town; 3. day : Imotski and its Regional Museum and visit to Blue and Red Lake ; 4. day : Klis fortress with interactive performance „Live history of Kliss fortress „ . Package can be organised during the whole year for the groups of 10 to 100 persons. Agency can organise the  accommodation in 3 – 4 * hotels and hostels and transport by bus. Professional guidance in Croatian and English ; upon request in other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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