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The former guardian of Dalmatian cities, and a cradle of glorious Croatian history, Klis, with it’s living history, is a silent witness of the past. Because of its geo-strategic position and importance, situated between Mosor on the one side and Kozjak on the other, Klis was an impregnable gateway to Dalmatia, its islands, and the last line of defence of the town of Split. Feel the spirit of the past in a presentation of the defences and way of everyday life on this small, fortifi ed and inaccessible space. Learn about the life of the fortress in the Middle Ages, see weapons from that time like sabres, holsters and cannons. Experience in a costumed presentation how Klis Uskoks (Croatian Habsburg soldiers) defended the fortress from the Turks and their violent attacks. Enjoy an interesting guided tour through the fortress accompanied by a historical group of Klis Uskoks. Watch them participate in fencing duels, shooting with a bow and arrow, listen to the melodies of Uskok diplari (musicians playing on a Wtraditional diple) and become a part of the magical history of Klis.

Tourist packages are one day long. The activity programme for a one day package includes activities in the area of Klis. Packages are available throughout the year, for groups of between 15 – 50 people. Transport is possible with your own vehicle or provided by us. Professional guides are available in Croatian and English. All information provided is of a general character only and is not binding, and it is therefore necessary to request a final offer.

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