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Archaeological themed hiking in the middle of the contrast between the wildness of the vast, almost crude Dalmatian karst, and rich and biologically very diverse coastline . Sounds attractive? An indeed it is, this is Dalmatia! To interpret the life through archaeology of landscape at the border where for centuries cultures mixed leaving traces in Dalmatian rocks, at clear sea mountain air is the way of rest ideal for those who like exploring the nature through archaeological heritage. Traces of testimonies of prehistoric tribes, ancient cultures, extremely rare pre-Christian mythological heritage,villages abandoned long ago, long viability of ancient Principality of Poljica and much more. All this shall ask your full attention entangled with natural beauties and impressive view to the north in hinterland and to the south across Adriatic archipelago.

exploring of nature, history and art along coastal mountain pass of Dinaridi , geologically impressive landscape entangled with prehistoric remains , roman paths and early Christian and middle age architecture 

Package can be organised for a period of 4 to 7 days. Framework programme of activities of five days package includes : 1. day – meeting of Dalmatia from the top of Saint George on Kozjak mountain ,going down to ancient Salona and Diocletian palace, 2. day : archaeological path Malačka- Biranj- Ostrog, : archaeological path Klis – Kraljeva peć, archaeological paths Perun- Saint George/ Saint Maxim- Our Lady of Snow- Naklice, 5. day: archaeological paths of the island of Brač , Blaca desert / ancient query/early Christian churches :

Package can be realised through the whole year for the groups of 4 to 16 persons. Accommodation can be organised  in apartments/hotels with 3* and 4* while transport by van/minibus.  Professional guidance in Croatian and  English ; upon request

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