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From field to table

During centuries of turbulent history Dalmatian farmers hardly managed to feed their families from little fertile soil. They used to exchange the fruits of their hard work with fishermen and made special connections, habits and customs alive still today in Dalmatian kitchen and enlisted in UNESCO non material heritage within Mediterranean nourishment since 2013. At this tour we shall take you through all the steps of the healthiest way of nutrition in the world , we are taking you into Sinj field to see where all these precious ingredients come from and taste famous arambašići but also other delicacies from this knightly region. In the hinterland of Omiš in fabulous Poljička Republic a true pirates’ treasure is hidden , soparnik and peka being the first of many gastronomic gems in rich shrine. Each island keeps new charm so in Brač you will taste vitalac and lamb while Šolta shall wait for you with fish, olive oil and magnificent honey.

Sinj region and arambašići , Poljička Republic and tasting of soparnik , peka and other delicacies , visit to the island of Brač with typical delicacies like vitalac, visit to the island of Šolta with tasting of fish, olive oil and honey.

This package can be organised for a period of three to five days. Indicative programme of activities for four days package includes 1 day visit to Sinj field, tasting of arambašići and other specialities , 2. day – departure for Poljička Republic and tasting of soparnik and peka 3. day- visit of the island of Brač and degustation of vitalac and other specialities , 4. day – visit to the island of Šolta , tasting of olive oil, fish and local honey.

Package can be realised in the period from the beginning of April until the end of October for groups of 2 to 6 persons. Accommodation in hotels with 4and 5 while the transport by motor vehicles, vans, speedboats and ferry( depending on weather conditions) . Professional guidance is possible in English and upon request in other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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