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Forgotten angels of hinterland

You are fed up with city noise and rush? You would like to stop, go back to old times and breathe some peace? See, learn  and try something new? Come with us and visit the Dalmatian hinterland, let us look at the forgotten angles  of our history, try some old crafts, smell the tradition together. Let us enjoy the “simple” day, simplicity of stone houses and steep narrow streets of Imotski. Let us search for hope and faith in local churches, strength within abandoned fortresses walls. Let us visit Sinj and its surrounding, let us find out that the nature still smells, that a wheel in the mill is still rotating, that blacksmith is still shoeing, that the traditional clothes and shoes are still made. Let us gather around the table, taste local specialities and make a toast with a glass of homemade wine!

Visit to Split, Gata (belvedere, story about Croatian sculptor Meštrović), Imotski ( Topana fortress ,local churches), Gardun (Tilurium), Trilj, Grab (mill), Gala (manufacturing of traditional clothes and gumshoes ), Sinj (Museum of Cetina/ Alka), Radošić, ethno-agro park.

Package can be organised for a period of 4 days. Indicative programme of activities for four days package includes : 1 day : Split Gata- Blue Lake, lunch, Red Lake, Imotski, dinner, overnight; 2 day: breakfast, Gardun-Trilj, lunch, Grab-Ruda-Gala,Sinj, dinner, overnight; 3. day: breakfast, visit of Sinj, Radošić, lunch, visit to ethno-agro park, dinner, overnight; departure. Package can be realised through the whole year for groups of 6 to 25 persons. Agency can organise the accommodation in hotel ***, apartments **** and  the transport by van/bus. Professional guidance in Croatian and English ; upon request on other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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