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Following the traces of hinterland and islands heritage

To lovers of history and gastronomy this journey represents the excellent way to meet through the revived heritage the uniqueness of destination that has always been at the crossroads of cultures. Why Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Slavs and many other wanted so much to rule this area? Why they managed to stay so long here so that the traces of their cultures can be seen at every step be it through stone monument or parcelling out of land and cultivation of agricultural cultures or through gastronomy, dance, song? We shall start with breakfast at the cliff with the view to Split and islands, visit the unique Museum of Alka,sail across  Cetina river, taste the wines in Dalmatian hinterland in combination with traditional delicacies and going down to the coast continue with maritime adventure following the traces of Antiquity, Mediterranean cuisine and nature that shall leave you breathless.

dalmatian hinterland and cruising islands, thematic paths with landscapes and autochthonous  meals and wines, known and less known sites with socialising with local people , two sites from UNESCO list ( Split, field of Stari Grad)

This package can be organised for a period of 7 to 14 days. Indicative programme of activities for seven days package includes : 1 day- Salona, Split, 2 day- Klis fortification, Sinj, 3. day – Trilj, lunch in Imotski winery, Red and Blue Lake , 4 day – sailing to Hvar, swimming, 5 day- Hora, Stari Grad, Malo Grablje, Hvar 6 day – sailing to Brač , Škrip, Herkules path, shepherds’ village, stonemasonry school in Pučišća, 7 day- disembarkation in Split , departure . Package can be realised in the period from May to October for groups of 2 to 12 persons. Accommodation possible in 4* and 5* apartments/hotels while transport by vans /mini buses/gullet. Professional guidance is possible in English and upon request in other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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