Wine, olives and stone on the island of Brač

Apart from their rich cultural heritage, ancient nations are known for their love of pleasure. The combination of sea, sun and karst has been recognized as necessary for growing certain crops, especially grapes and olives, the so-called “foods of the gods”. Local residents today maintain the traditions of their ancestors. So all of you lovers of good wine and Mediterranean food, are welcome to the farming community island of Brač. We will walk through the famous vineyards of the island where, besides tasting wine, you will learn all about the process of its creation. Who knows, maybe the hardworking tenants need an extra pair of hands so you will be able to help! When we talk about wine, let’s not forget the Mediterranean dishes that go with it, which would not taste so fantastic were it not for the olive oil. On this tour you can play a small part of in olive oil making, by experiencing the olive grove, the harvesting and the preparation for the oil mill.


Tourist packages range from 3 to 4 days. The programme of activities for the three-day package includes: Day 1: in Supetar, going to the Senjković winery in Dračevica and wine tasting, vineyard tour; Day 2: Strong wine winery in Bol, presenting varieties, the history of the winery, sightseeing of Bol; Day 3: trip to an olive grove, olive harvest and preparation for the production of oil. Packages are available at any time of the year when weather permits, for groups of 4 to 50 people. Accommodation is available in three and four star hotels, transport in fast vessels provided and, if necessary, in van or bus. Professional guides are available in English, German and Italian, and on request in other languages. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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