Dalmatia – The Last Wine Paradise in The World

Few places in the world have such a perfect blend of microclimate, terrain and human nature as Dalmatia. If only one part of that circuit fails, much of the quality and tradition of growing grapes and the production of wine would be absent. The thousand year old tradition of winemaking in Dalmatia has produced more than 400 indigenous varieties of wine, which no other country in the world can boast. It is said: “There are as many Dalmatian islands as there are varieties of wine.” The most famous vineyards in Dalmatia and their grape varieties are on the Pelješac peninsula and on the island of Hvar. It is believed that the culture of cultivating grapes in the Mediterranean dates back more than 4000 years, and in the area of Pelješac, the ancient Greeks first cultivated the peninsula to produce wine that had a special place in their culture. Experience the beauty of altitude and the steep slopes while enjoying a pleasant draught of wine with a welcoming host.


Tourist packages range from 3 to 8 days. The programme of activities for an 8-day package includes: Day 1: arrival; Day 2: Kaštela (vineyards and wineries); Days 3 & 4: Hvar (winery); Day 5: Brač; Day 6: wineries in Vrgorac and Imotski; Day 7: Split; Day 8: return. Packages are available throughout the year for groups of at least two people. Accommodation is available in a three, four or five star hotels and transport is possible in our vans or buses. Professional guides are available in Croatian and English, and in other languages on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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