By Boat on The Southern Horizon

During this week you will be surrounded with the natural features of the south, from the southern coves of the sunny island of Hvar, to the island wilderness on its northern side with a view of the Biokovo mountain range, all followed by the culinary delicacies of the region. Our journey continues with a tour of Neretva valley, which tells its own fairy tale from a traditional boat, the taste of eel and frog brodetto, and the tradition of typha (ševar) knitting. With Nordic walking you will experience an educational walk along the panoramic trail below Rilić from Gradac to Zaostrog, including a tour of the monastery at Zaostrog which hides the many treasures of this region. Taste the authentic olive oil variety oblica and and take a tour of the oil refinery where the oil is processed. Then go hiking on the Paškal peak above Gradac next to the famous Church of St. Paškal from the XVII. century.


7-day tour package is available. The programme of activities for a 7-day package includes: Day 1: southern coves of the island of Hvar; Day 2: River safari; Day 3: the northern coves of Hvar; Day 4: Nordic walking in Gradac; Day 7: Vrisje above Gradac. The package can be booked from 1 April to 5 November for groups of 2 to 12 persons. Available accommodation is private or in 3 star hotels, and transport is organized by us. Professional guides are available in English, German and Italian languages, and in other languages on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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