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Small under the stars

A view of the Croatian sea and its underwater riches are an unforgettable experience. A view of the beautiful mountains, and the plains and coasts are also breathtaking. And what if we look up high? We will see the Croatian sky. Unlike many European countries, where the starry sky has become a myth, Croatia still has no major problems with light pollution. Look into the depths of the Universe, its secrets, and strange and spectacular events, rare or regular, will awaken in us a wonderful sense of belonging to something much bigger than ourselves, and help us “not to pass small under the stars” (A. B. Šimić: Opomena - The warning). Familiarize yourself with the night sky in the Split, Makarska and Hvar Observatory. Enjoy a clear view of the night sky, moon and meteors, and let the mystery of the Sun and its spots enchant you. Learn about the history of the region all the way from the ancient times of the dinosaurs, which once observed the same night sky.


Tourist packages are 3 days long. The activity programme for a 3 day package includes: Days 1 - 3: activities in the area of Mosor, Hvar and Makarska. Packages are available throughout the year, for groups of between 2 - 20 people. Accommodation is provided at 3 and 4 star hotels. Transport is provided by us. Professional guides are available in foreign languages upon request. All information provided is of a general character only and is not binding, and it is therefore necessary to request a final offer.

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