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Pulling Mrduja

The islands of Brač and Šolta are only 800m away from each other, however the non-existence of a shipping service has made them much further than they actually are. Pulling Mrduja is one means of bringing these two islands closer together. On two days every year the direct ship line between Brač and Šolta simultaneously offers an opportunity for locals and the guests to visit the other island and get to know it, with the aim of enriching tourist activity on both islands. Pulling Mrduja is traditionally held each year on the last weekend of July. The entire event consists of three parts and it lasts for two days. The final celebration is held each year on a different island. Brass bands, klape, cultural arts societies and associations from Šolta and Brač, as well as numerous locals from both islands directly participating with their own boats, all take part in the tradition of Pulling Mrduja. Come and take part in the pulling of the island of Mrduja. You might enjoy it and you decide to come back next year.


2 to 3-day tour packages are available. The programme of activities for a 3-day package includes: Day 1: departure for Mrduja on Saturday afternoon and experiencing the moment of pulling the island of Mrduja between the locals of islands of Šolta nad Brač; Day 2: folk celebration in Stromorska, i.e. in Milna; Day 3: free time for resting and swimming. The package can be booked ONLY once a year, and on the last weekend of July, for individuals or groups of 2 to 20 persons. Private accommodation categorized as 3 or 4 star is available, and transport by boat transfer or by rented boat. Professional guides are available in Croatian, German and English languages, and in Russian on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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