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Perfect moments on the Adriatic seabed

The beauty of the Adriatic fascinates every visitor. Its thousands of islands scattered throughout the big blue is a special sight. And yet, the Adriatic offers much more. Discover all the abundance of the Adriatic Sea with the help of our highly trained recreational and technical diving instructors. Discover the depths and the kingdoms of flora and fauna hidden below, and on this atypical vacation, enjoy the romance of the Adriatic Sea. In a combination of nautical cruises visit selected Adriatic routes of the underworld sea surface. In a pleasant cruise under the expert guidance of your host, visit some of the best locations for taking photos. A highly trained crew will provide you with professional services and all the comforts to make your vacation perfect. At the end of the journey, in a joint presentation on the boat, and on a multimedia website, enjoy the incredible views of the sea photos from all the guests, in perfect moments on the Adriatic seabed, captured for eternity.


Tourist packages are 7 days long. The activity programme for a 7 day package includes: Day 1: Split; Day 2: Biševo; Day 3: Brusnik; Day 4: Sveti Andrija (Svetac); Day 5: Sušac; Day 6: Palagruža; Day 7: Split. Packages are available from 1 March - 30 September, for groups of between 5 - 16 people. Accommodation is provided on a tourist ship (sailboat). Transport is provided by us, by boat. Professional guides are available in English, Italian, German, French and other languages upon request. All information provided is of a general character only and is not binding, and it is therefore necessary to request a final offer.

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