Active Vacation

Bicycle Adventure on Dalmatian Islands

An active holiday combined with cycling tours on the Dalmatian islands and a relaxing cruise from one island to another offers you a truly unforgettable experience of Dalmatia. Cycling through vineyards and olive groves, hidden coves, forests and fields, and often on unpaved paths, you will come into contact with luxurious Mediterranean nature, and the rich and complex cultural and historical heritage of these Croatian islands. In close encounters with the locals, you will get familiar with island lifestyle. Numerous taverns and wineries, with authentic Dalmatian gastronomic and oenological offerings, are a special experience on these tours. Accompanied by an experienced local guide, you will peek into the most hidden parts of the unique islands of Vis, Brač and Hvar, and you will surely want to come back.


Tourist packages from 6 to 8 days. The programme of activities for the 6-day package includes: Two islands programme: Vis – Biševo, five days of cycling; tour of Modra špilja. Three islands programme: Vis - Biševo – Hvar, six days of cycling; tour of Modra špilja. Four islands programme: Vis - Biševo - Hvar - Brač- 6 days of cycling; tour of Modra špilja. Packages are available throughout the year for groups of 8 to 35 people. Accommodation is available in three or four star hotels and in private accommodation. Transport is provided. Professional guides are available in Croatian, English and German, and on request in other languages. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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