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Corner for boaters, visits to the Underwater Museum


The beautiful cove Jelinak is located 2 nautical miles from Trogir and is a safe place to anchor. Visit the unique underwater museum, relax on the beach, refresh yourself with a snack-bar offer and have fun in the aquapark. Swim, snorkel or scuba dive and explore the entire underwater museum consisting of 52 life-size statues, an 8-meter-tall statue and a real military plane. The entire museum exhibit is placed on the seabed to a depth in the range of 4-12 meters. This underwater story is designed for all family members, both children and adults.

Don’t miss to stop by because this amazing place offers you a possibility to make your first SCUBA dive ever. You get to dive up to 10m with professional diving equipment, you’ll get underwater photos of your scuba adventure, and upon completion of the dive you will receive a PSS (Professional Scuba Schools) diploma, if certified diver, instead of diploma you get a fun dive in the unique underwater museum. SCUBA diving is always and exclusively organized with diving instructors and is completely safe. Due to the shallow depth, it is also perfect for complete beginners in scuba diving and their first dive ever. After completing the scuba dive, beginners will receive a diploma from a professional diving school and the underwater pictures of their dive. Experienced divers get a recreational dive and underwater pictures. All professional equipment is included in the offer.

If you are not up for scuba diving, you can easily explore the museum with a mask and snorkel or just swim in the museum. Site visits are carefully organized to provide all visitors with a complete and uninterrupted experience of the whole story. It is required to check availability before arrival.

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