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Trail info
RouteZelena Katedrala-Proložac Donji-Prološko Balato-Čujića Luka-Šumet-Lug-Perinuša
LocationZelena Katedrala
Length23.6 km
Elevation313 m
Bottom elevation265 m
Top elevation313 m
Start pointZelena Katedrala
End pointZelena Katedrala

Tour of Blato

The route starts next to the Green cathedral and then goes towards the two small lakes, so-called Two eyes – one of the springs of the Vrljika. It continues on the asphalt road westwards towards Donji Proložac, the Badnjenica canyon and all the way to Prološko Blato. Continue southwards on the macadam road. Go across the field to get to Čujića Luka, a cluster of stone houses that take us back to life of peasants as it once was. The asphalt road takes you over the villages of Šumet and Lug up to the cluster of mills Perinuša and then along the macadam road, back to where you started from.


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