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Trail info
RouteVrgorac-Banja-Orah-Veliki Prolog-Umčani-Kokorići-Višnjica-Ravča
Length43.3 km
Elevation312 m
Asphalt: 43.3 km
Macadam: 0 km
Bottom elevation22 m
Top elevation312 m
Start pointVrgorac
End pointVrgorac

Three fields

A small river runs through Rastok, Jezero and Bunina – three fields in Vrgorac area, abound with colours and smells of soil and nature. This is a 47km long road route, alternating between easy ascents and relaxing descents, which offer wonderful vistas of tamed fields among the limestone. Start in Vrgorac and go down on the asphalt road towards the villages of Banje and Orah, following the borders of Rastok field. The signposts will take you directly into the heart of this field, replete with famous strawberry plantations from Vrgorac area. The country road will take you across Rastok, with Vrgorac and fabulous sharp mountain peak Matokit in the background. Follow the signposts along the plain to the village Podprolog and then it’s a climb up to the village Veliki Prolog, famous for its traditional Assumption celebration. Enjoy the downhill ride to Dusina village, soaking up views over innumerable vineyards and orchards filled with plum, peach and tangerine trees, as well as watermelon plantations. This is Jezero field – a perfect display of what nature and humans can achieve when working together. Follow the signposts on the country road across the field and then ride up to Umčani village, renowned for its traditional handmade brushwood coops and tubers. A small meandering country road will take you through Kutac village and into the final field – Bunina, abundant with the smell of wine and strawberries. Continue along this road until you get to an ethno village Kokorići, where you can take a break and gorge on the local delicacies. Continue towards Višnjica and then Vrgorac. Congratulations! You’ve completed the route and got acquainted with the three fields, magical all year round – whether dormant in winter, buoyant in spring and full of delicious fruits of the land in summer and autumn.

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