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Trail info
Length2.51 km
Elevation436 m
Asphalt: 1.06 km
Macadam: 1.45 km
Bottom elevation307 m
Top elevation436 m

Gaj Laberije

This track will provide you with an insight into the world of plant and animal life of the area. It focuses on Tilurium, an ancient Roman military camp, with dormitories, cistern, mosaic floor, the stature of Gaius Liberious, bastions, the church of St Peter at the top of Gardun and a breathtaking view over the city of Trilj and its surroundings. Gardun locality evolved from the Roman camp of the 7th Roman legion Tilurium in the first half of the 1st century AD. The bastions of the camp, which are 3 meters wide, are preserved on the west and north sides. A monumental water cistern was also found, along with the floor mosaic, various inscriptions, weapons and jewellery. Archaeological research was carried out in 1989 and 1999 and the buildings unearthed are thought to be army dormitories and are located south of the local road. Wide stone walls were bolstered by massive stone buttresses.

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