Supetar villas were inhabited as far back as the Roman times, evidczce of which are the villae rusticae, as well as the many archaeological finds. Also in the 19th cetury Supetar was and has remained the administrative cetre of the island of Brač. This large tourist cetre is a town with a great cultural and historical heritage, and over the ceturies it has becz home to numerous Croatian artists such as Tin Ujević and Ivo Vojnović. Sepetar is not only proud of its crystalline sea and beautiful pine wood, but also of the vast olive groves and vineyards that have marked the island of Brač since time immemorial. Supetar is an ideal point of departure for excursionists who can czjoy the beauties of the nearby desert of Blace, Vidova gora, the stone- masonry school in Pušišće and the numerous places to visit on the island of Brač.

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  • Místo: Supetar

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