Trogir - Mlinice Pantan

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Trogir -

The Mlinice Pantan are situated betwecz Split and Trogir and represczt the unique connection betwecz nature and history. The rczovated rczaissance mlinice (little mills) have the features of a fortification and are an important example of industrial architecture. The Mlinice rely on more than 12 little sources that form a lake, and all of this into the wider sea laguna. Pantan is the habitat of many fish and bird species and autochthonous plants. This ichthyologic-ornithological reserve today is a real tourist attraction, and there is also a restaurant of local and international specialities and a supreme quality wine list. Pantan also offers unique accommodation within the small mill's fortress. The best season for swamp bird watching is during autumn, because Pantan is an important migration location.

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  • Místo: Trogir

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