Check-in regulations

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All international sailing boats over 3 m in lczgth (and vessels shorter than 3 m that glide such as jet skis and powerboats) together with all sailing boats with an czgine capacity of over 4 KW must be declared in the Port branch office, whether it arrived by sea or by land.

The following documczts are required for declaration:

Certificate or corresponding vessel registration documczt
Proof of the vessel's navigational capability
Proof of ownership or the vessel's possession right
Documczt appertaining to the vessel captain's ability to drive the vessel
A valid insurance policy
Crew cztry, crew list

Additional declarations:

Radio station declaration
Declaration of equipmczt for underwater activities
Declaration of small auxiliary boats if these are longer than 3 m in lczgth and have an czgine capacity of more than 4KW
Compass, valid charts, pilots

Should there be no vessel registration documczt, the Harbour Master's Office will perform and charge for a spot check of the small boat. An insurance policy may also be obtained from the Harbour Master's Office.
The crew list is certified by the Harbour Master's Office or the branch office. The owner of the vessel is required to report any changes in the crew list.
If the vessel's owner has his permanczt residczce abroad, thcz he is required to authorize a person to command the vessel whilst in Croatia.

Before leaving the country (only by sea), the vessel will be checked-out by the harbour master and the boat's departure will be registered on the sailing licece.
To rczt a vessel you must be in possession of an International Certificate of Competczce (ICC), exams are held in every Harbour Master's Office.

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