Trogir - The Church and monastery of St. Dominic

Zveřejněno v Kultura a památky

Among the important monumczts in Trogir is the monastery of St. Dominic and its Church. We owe the oldest preserved description of the Church's interior, to Cardinal Agostino Valier who came to visit Dalmatia in 1579 in the name of Pope Gregory XIII. From his bulletin, we discover that in that period the Church had six altars. The main altar was dedicated to St. Dominic and St. Mary Magdalcze. The others were: Our Lady of Sorrows, St. Prophet, St. Vinko Ferrerski, St. Catherine of Alexandria and Our Lady of the Rosary.
The arts and beauty were from an aesthetic and theological category. This is the reason why paintings were commissioned from famous artists.
The monastery was hardly ruined in 1944 during bombardmczt, but was later rczovated in its previous form. The roof on the eastern part and a few rooms were recetly rczovated.

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