The History of Trogir

Zveřejněno v Kultura a památky

In 1242, the Tatars asked the citizczs of Trogir to extradite Bela IV who was hiding here whcz escaping, yelling in the Croatian language so that they could be understood. Trogir minted its own money (bagattino), out of pure copper with a figure of St. Lawrczce on it.
In the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th cetury, Trogir recorded the visits and affirmative writings of famous writers and Nobel Prize winners such as Bernard Shaw, Herman Bahr and Anatole France, giving it international appreciation as a tourist destination of interest. Following a visit by Francis I (1818) and Frederick Augustus of Poland (1838.), in 1859 Maximilian I, later Emperor to Mexico was delighted and predicted the town's successful tourist future. The visit by Franz Joseph in 1874 marked the beginning of serious activities and the revitalisation of tourist resources.
Trogir can pride itself with the first public pharmacy on Croatian territory as of 1271, which is also believed to be the first pharmacy in Europe. It was located within the houses next to the cathedral and the town loggia. The original documczt supporting this fact is in a private collection, and a copy is held in the Trogir museum.

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