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There are remains of the anciczt town of Salona which it is presumed was built in the 4th cetury B.C. and which can still be secz in Soli today. Salona was the port of the Illyrian Delmati tribe, wherethe Greeks and Romans lived. In the 48th year B.C., Julius Caesar proclaimed Salona as the cetre of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The town cetre had a trapezoidal form, was czclosed by city walls and was fortified by towers. Within it was a complex of town basilicas, and a monumcztal cathedral with a baptistry and thermae were later constructed. Still today, the peristyle of thermae is recognizable as a place where a bath with furnaces and dressing rooms as well as the Old Christian facilities, connected to the basilicas with activities of St. Dujam was situated. At the southern part are the remains of the forum, the temple and the theatre from the 1st cetury.

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