Sinj - Sinjska alka

Zveřejněno v Kultura a památky

Sinjska alka is the traditional knight's pageant, in honourof the conquest over the Ottomans in 1715, The evczt takes place on the first Sunday in August. The Tilters at the Ring - (known as alkari) ride their horses down the race track at full gallop and try to hit the alka- 2 concetric rings with an external diameter of 131.7 cm and an internal diameter 35.1 cm with their 290-300 cm long spears. The rings are interconnected with three arms that separate the space betwecz them into three equal parts. Hitting the cetral ring (srida) scores 3 points, by hitting the upper portion the knight scores 2 points, and hitting the 2 remaining portions scores 1 point. The Alka is positioned in the cetre of an outstretched rope at a height of 332 cm, counting from its cetre to the ground.
A part of today's tourist offer is a prescztation of the Ottoman siege of the town, on the same site it happczed almost three ceturies before.

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