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  The summer beaches and the Adriatic may be the traditional draws for tourists in Central Dalmatia, but has this crazy year of 2020 actually thrown up another option that few have considered – long-stay rentals in the autumn and winter months?   Not everyone is free to travel at will of course, but with an increasing number of remote workers able to position themselves anywhere in the world, a few months of relaxed lifestyle living on the Dalmatian coast and islands may be preferable to being locked down in a city in the rain elsewhere in Europe.    Life in the winter months may not be quite as lively on the coast as it is in the summer, but it is just as beautiful and relaxed. And healthy. Don’t forget that the healthy Mediterranean diet on Hvar and Brac has been inscribed as UNESCO intangible heritage. So healthy living, a temperate climate, a relaxed lifestyle and social distancing not an issue with the reduced winter population,    Dalmatia out of season is not experienced by too many tourists, but it certainly has a charm of its own. Locals return to their fields after a busy season, tending first to the grape harvest, and then to those olives – the golden liquid that is the lifeblood of healthy living here.    Winter entertainment and the availability of open restaurants is much better than it was a decade ago, as is the availability of quality private accommodation with heating. Off-season accommodation prices are much less than in the season, and it will not be hard to find a local willing to do a good deal to generate some unexpected additional income.    With good Internet available, the stage is set for those who are looking to escape another gloomy lockdown in favour of a healthy, sunny authentic experience.  


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