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It is famous for two of the most unusual lakes in Europe – the Red and Blue Lakes – but any local in Imotski who drives a car will take passionately about another thing which makes the inland Dalmatian town famous – Mercedes.

There is simply no other car to drive in the Dalmatian town, which has long been famous for its high ownership of the iconic German vehicle. So famous, in fact, that work has begun to commemorate this rather unusual relationship permanently in the form of Imotski’s latest tourist attraction – a lifesize stone monument of the legendary Mercedes 115 model carved from Imotki stone and weighing an impressive 36 tons in all.

“If you don’t have a Mercedes, you’ll have a hard time finding a girl. You cannot even sit in the front rows at church. Mercedes has one big rating, all the other cars, I will not name the brands, I must not, are for one use and can no longer be improved,” said  Imotski Oldtimer club president Ivan Topic.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to look for another car at all – only Mercedes, and that’s it. I don’t even think about looking at anything else,” said Ivan’s daughter, Matea Topic.

“The stone is from Imotski and we collected it carefully. He had to wait a year to keep it from cracking. The sculptors are ready; it is already slowly being processed. We will lay the foundation on the first beautiful day after these rainy days,” said Topic, shortly before work began last month. Completion is set for June 2020.

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