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The majority of tourists coming to Central Dalmatia head for the coast and island beaches. With some of the cleanest water and best beaches in Europe, who can blame them? But there is another side of Dalmatia, and one which is becoming increasingly popular with visitors.

As tourists look more for authentic experiences which typify a destination, there has been a rise in interest in the traditions of Dalmatia, including its atmospheric and beautiful stone villages. Here you will find a window into the past and learn more about the region’s way of life, much of which has changed little over the years.

There has been a considerable movement in recent years to preserve and present the heritage of Dalmatia with a special focus on developing eco-ethno villages using EU funds.

One such example is the island of Hvar, where four villages  – Humac, Mala Rudina, Malo Grablje and Velo Grablje – have been involved in various projects, including the IPA Adriatic Project, Innocultour, which has recently released this spectacular video of these eco-ethno villages.

Perhaps you had not planned to spend your holidays exploring Dalmatia away from the beach, but the old stone villages of the interior provide a wonderful contrast to the magic of the beach and coast. Just one small part of the diversity of this wonderful region. 


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