‘Za Krizen’ on Hvar: 6 UNESCO Processions, 8 Videos

The most important religious event on the island of Hvar each year is the annual ‘Za Krizen’ procession, which takes place at 22:00 each Maundy Thursday before Easter. Literally meaning ‘Behind the cross’, it is a tradition which has taken place each year for almost 500 years.

Six simultaneous processions, in Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska, depart on a circular procession through the night, arriving back at point of origin at 07:00 on Good Friday.

Each procession is led by a barefoot cross bearer, who leads his acolytes and pilgrims on a 22km procession of prayer and contemplation through the other five villages.

In Jelsa, the final steps are particularly dramatic, as the exhausted cross bearer runs the final steps to the awaiting priest before kneeling at his feet.

Below there are 8 videos of the 2019 Za Krizen procession, all taken from the main square of Jelsa as each procession departed or arrived in Jelsa through the night, complete with time of arrival.

The Jelsa procession departs.

The first of six processions which will pass through Jelsa’s main square. Timeline – 22:15.

The arrival of Vrboska at 23:50.

The arrival of Vrbanj at 01:00.

The arrival of Svirce at 02:15.

The arrival of Vrisnik at 03:30.

The arrival of Pitve at 05:10.

The return of Jelsa at 07:15.